Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 5 Proposal Ideas

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 5 Proposal Ideas

Behind every beautiful bride is a dedicated and loving bridal party. Without bridal parties, dream weddings aren’t possible. Your bridesmaids provide emotional and creative support throughout the long and sometimes taxing process of wedding planning.

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but how do you ask your closest friends and family to join your bride tribe? In this article, we’ll share five proposal ideas to ask: will you be my bridesmaid?

Let’s get started!

Craft Custom Bridesmaids Swag

Who doesn’t love a personalized present? If you’re struggling to brainstorm how to propose to your bridesmaids, consider creating mugs, makeup bags, totes, and more simple gifts that are engraved with the question: will you be my bridesmaid?

Not only will your future bridesmaids love the creativity of this idea, but they’ll also appreciate the small gifts you’ve given to them. This proposal method is the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding!

Pop the Question During Game Night

If you and your friends love getting together to play games, consider adding your proposal to some of your favorite contests. For example, Pictionary is the perfect way to surprise your bridesmaids and pop the question.

Whether you draw your own version of an engagement ring or simply write the question directly on your drawing board, your bridesmaids will be shocked and excited for this fantastic surprise!

Gather Everyone for Sunday Brunch

When you form your bridal party, the members of this party must collaborate and work well with each other. The last thing any bride wants is tension between different bridesmaids. If your bridal party contains friends and family that don’t know each other well, consider gathering your future bridal party together for a Sunday brunch.

Hosting a brunch has plenty of benefits. First, gathering together as a group will help break the ice so that future wedding events are more natural. Second, asking your bridesmaids all at once takes away the pressure of asking this question multiple times!

 You can simply sit back, enjoy delicious food, and ask your closest friends and family for their support.

Gift Them Something New

One of the most central themes of a bridal party is unity. So why not start that theme off right by gifting each of your bridesmaids a uniform gift? For example, jewelry is a small but sophisticated detail to give each of your bridesmaids. Find a pair of earrings, bracelets, or a necklace that fits your bridal vision, and ask your bridesmaids to wear these accessories on your special day.

If you need help finding the perfect jewelry for your bridal party, check out this bridal jewelry list to get started!

Send Classic Invitations

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, sending a stationary invite to your bridal party will be ideal. While it may not have as much glitz or glam as the other proposal methods, there are many perks to creating a classy invitation.

Invitations are both sophisticated and budget-friendly. Depending on the size of your bridal party, paying the price per card could be much less expensive than buying individual gifts for each of your bridesmaids. Creating a bridesmaid invitation card can also help you save more later on.

Many wedding invitation websites offer special deals and discounts for couples that use the same package for their save-the-dates, invites, and other stationery. These bulk orders will help you save a considerable amount of your budget!

We hope these five proposal ideas have inspired you to pop the question to your bridesmaids. Remember that no matter how you ask your friends and family to join your bridal party, your bride tribe must include reliable, trustworthy, and loving people.

If you’re searching for bridal advice, tips, and guides, check out our Everyday Bride website so you can feel prepared for your dream wedding.

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December 11, 2021

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