What To Consider When Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

What To Consider When Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

On your wedding day, it’s natural that you want everyone you love to be included during the festivities. Many couples consider including their fur babies in their ceremony because who’s more beloved than your dog? There are many ways to have your pet in your wedding, including their being the pup of honor, the ring bearer, or the guest of honor.

Wherever you place your pup, there are a few considerations to make before giving them a formal invitation. As any pet parents know, your fur baby can be unpredictable, and you don’t want mishaps on your wedding day! So before solidifying any plans, here’s what to consider when including your dog in your wedding.

Is the Venue Pet-Friendly?

The most important but overlooked step to including your fur baby is to confirm with the venue if it’s pet friendly. Imagine showing up on your wedding day with your dog in their special tux or dress and being told they’re not permitted on the property.

Ask your venue ahead of time to save stress, embarrassment, or sadness. If your venue is pet-friendly, ensure you have readily available water, snacks, and food. You should find a designated exit for your pup if they start barking or need to get out their zoomies.

Consider Your Pet’s Personality

As a pet parent, you know your pet has their own personality and quirks about them. It would be best if you always considered how they act around a larger number of people they may or may not know. Is your dog excited, aggressive, or shy? You should consider whether being included in your wedding will stress your dog or make them happy. Even if your dog is typically well behaved and used to larger crowds, there’s no 100 percent guarantee they will be on their best behavior.

Remember To Inform Your Guests

When including your dog in your wedding, you should consider your guests. Do you know anyone with a pet allergy or who may be afraid of dogs? Inform your guests about the furry guest on the save-the-date cards and the formal invitations to ensure no one misses out on this key information. This way, you won’t run into issues regarding allergies or fear.

It Won’t Hurt To Book a Pet Sitter

While relaxing with your pup is easy, it’s your wedding day. Allow yourself to have fun without having to worry about the furry baby. Hiring a pet sitter for the night to watch over them during the ceremony is a great way to keep your mind at ease. If you don’t want to hire a professional pet sitter, you can always ask a trusted friend who wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on the guest of honor.

Safety Is the Main Priority

Your dog in their tuxedo or dress is a sight for all eyes, but make sure that it fits properly and is comfortable. Try to keep the accessories and clothing as simple as possible to avoid issues or irritation. Adding a flower or bow tie is a simple way to dress them up without being over the top. Always read the labels to see if the collars or clothing have any choking hazards, and find pet-friendly flowers.

We hope our considerations before including your dog in your wedding helped you plan your day more efficiently. It’s important to think about these things so your day isn’t spoiled due to unexpected rules or issues.

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January 14, 2023

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