What To Avoid When Hiring a Wedding Planner: 7 Red Flags

What To Avoid When Hiring a Wedding Planner: 7 Red Flags

Countless hours of work go into planning a wedding, and juggling that alongside other life responsibilities can become stressful. Many couples enlist a wedding planner to assist in scheduling the big day to keep the prenuptial process enjoyable, but you can’t hire just anyone. This bridal guide details the red flags to watch out for so you know what to avoid when hiring a wedding planner. 

Very Little Experience

We all start somewhere. But if the wedding planner has never done a major event or wedding, even as an assistant, look elsewhere. A lot goes into planning a wedding, and if the individual has nothing to show for the skill level they claim to have, you rely on trust.

This is problematic because the planner could over-assume their abilities or embellish them in the hopes of attracting clients. Aside from wasting your money, this could cost you your dream wedding.

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As you meet with potential wedding planners, ask to see examples of their past work. Additionally, view their reviews on their website, Yelp, or Google to determine the level of quality.

Too Many Weddings at Once

The more experience a planner has, the better, as this often means they know how to deal with various situations. However, they shouldn’t be spread too thin during your wedding. In other words, inquire how many weddings they plan at a time.

If the planner is available for your wedding date, they shouldn’t take on other weddings occurring on the same weekend since it will pull attention from your big day. This could lead to them missing details or mixing up information.

Overcharging for Services

If you think you’ve found the perfect planner, but their prices seem a bit high, compare them to other local options to determine what’s typical. When doing this, remember to also compare the quality of the work based on their past projects and reviews. Avoid wedding planners that charge extra for every service offered rather than having packages, as this will eat away at your budget.

No Contracts

Run from planners that only use a handshake for your agreement. This is a major red flag as nothing holds them accountable for the quoted price, quality of work, or vision you have. In other words, they could decide to charge you several hundred or thousand dollars more than quoted as payment, and without a contract, standing your ground becomes much harder.

Poor Communication Methods

As you interview potential wedding planners and read their reviews, pay extra attention to communication. More importantly, do they communicate well? If you have an in-person meeting to discuss possibly hiring them, they should appear interested and excited to collaborate. Similarly, as you set up this meeting, reaching out to them should be easy.

However, avoid the planner if you get radio silence after sending a text, email, or voicemail. Hiring someone with excellent communication skills is important because you’ll need to reach out at various times throughout the planning process. As the day of your wedding approaches, you may even communicate weekly or daily.

Ideally, your wedding planner should respond to you within 24 hours; if they cannot offer assistance at that moment, they should confirm they got your message.

A Green Flag: Active Listening

Communication is a broad topic, and active listening is vital to a great planner. This is an essential skill because an active listener will hear your vision and then repeat key details to you for clarification. In doing so, your planner ensures you are on the same page and that no one makes assumptions.

Zero Creativity

No one wants their wedding to appear cookie-cutter or to copy another couple. There should be distinct differences as you evaluate the work portfolio of the planner’s past projects. If they constantly use the same lighting fixtures, floral centerpieces, or other basic ideas, then there’s reason for concern.

Everyday Bride Tip

The best planners know of countless budget-friendly wedding upgrades that you can incorporate into your ceremony and reception to make it stand out. This can range from creative guest books to centerpieces for your tables.

Little Involvement in Your Vision

Finally, we get to one of the most important red flags to avoid in a wedding planner—apathy toward your vision. This is your big day, and if the planner pays no mind to your budget or shoots down all your ideas, search elsewhere. You should never feel bulldozed by this individual.

A wedding planner’s job is to help make your dream wedding a reality. When your vision becomes too big or overly extravagant, they’ll help you reel it in and think of solutions together. They’ll help you secure the perfect day through consistent communication and a passion for true love. Best of luck finding your ideal wedding planner!

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May 15, 2023

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