What Is a Micro Wedding: 3 Things You Should Know

What Is a Micro Wedding: 3 Things You Should Know

Planning a wedding can be a huge financial commitment. The venue and catering alone can take a large percentage of your budget, leaving many couples torn on whether it’s worth having a traditional wedding. The average wedding costs about $28,000 without factoring in the number of guests attending and extra detailing.

You and your partner may have joked about eloping to dodge high costs and extensive guest lists. But what if we told you there’s a way to have a traditional wedding while minimizing its theatrics? Have you ever heard of a micro wedding?

In this quick guide, we’ll share essential things you should know about micro weddings and how you can make a small-scale celebration as memorable and special as a ballroom wedding.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

As the name suggests, a micro wedding is a unique celebration that combines traditional wedding elements with a minimalist flair. Micro weddings are intimate, beautiful, and typically budget friendly. This is an intimate affair with no more than 50 guests. That means you can spend more quality time with your guests and possibly have more room to splurge on the decor, your attire, or the honeymoon.

Micro Wedding vs. Elopement

Many people make the mistake of thinking eloping and micro weddings are synonymous. Eloping is also intimate, but couples often keep it a secret. It usually involves the exchanging of vows with just one or two people present. Eloping is typically spontaneous and can happen anywhere from the courthouse to a national park.

However, a micro wedding is a small, planned celebration with traditional elements. While both options are great and could be budget friendly if you want a classic feel with the joy and thrill of eloping, having a micro wedding is the best choice.

How Much Do Micro Weddings Cost?

Well, if micro weddings are so budget-friendly, how much do they cost on average? Your micro-wedding budget depends on you! You’re the captain of this ship, and this is the chance for you and your partner to have full creative and financial freedom over how much your wedding will cost.

However, the typical budget ranges from $1,500 to $15,000, which is still significantly less than a traditional ceremony and reception. For some couples, this is their chance to maximize the guest experience and splurge on food, thank-you gifts, and decorations.

The Advantages of Having a Micro Wedding

You Have More Flexibility

Larger traditional weddings can come with a million expectations and requirements, but with micro weddings, the world is your oyster. By hosting a micro wedding, you can think outside the box and have creative freedom.

Without many guests to accommodate, there’s no stress! You can host an intimate wedding reception at your favorite rooftop bar or take the party back home and have a backyard party.

Don’t Worry About Wedding Day Jitters

With a smaller guest list, you won’t have to worry about a room of a hundred people staring at you. If you’re naturally more introverted and the thought of walking down the aisle in front of everyone makes you anxious, a micro wedding is perfect for you. This way, you will feel more at ease and enjoy your special day with a handful of your closest family and friends.

Spend Less Time Planning

Being responsible for 20 instead of 150 guests can reduce your time and stress planning your wedding day. A smaller guest list means you have fewer responsibilities, less food to order, fewer table decorations, and more. You can reduce your to-do list by reducing your number of guests.

More Quality Time With Your Guests

One of the downsides of hosting a larger wedding is needing more time to talk to everyone. When you have a larger wedding, you will find yourself running around the room trying to say hello to every guest.

When you have a micro wedding, you won’t have to worry about that because it won’t be a hassle. You can host an intimate reception at a restaurant and eat family style or have a more relaxed formal reception. This will allow you to have more quality conversations with your loved ones.

The Bottom Line

It’s all up to you and your partner and how you both imagine the big day. However, some couples feel a micro wedding allows them to enjoy the true meaning of the day: beginning a new chapter together.

Standing in front of 100 or more guests and declaring your love may seem unnecessary. Whichever direction you decide to go, we hope that our quick guide to micro weddings helps you on your planning journey. Remember not to stress and to plan what’s best for you and your partner, not anyone else.

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February 10, 2023

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