Wedding Photography Tips for the Everyday Bride

Wedding Photography Tips for the Everyday Bride

Are you getting married soon? If so, you may be wondering how to capture those memories on film. Capturing your wedding day perfectly can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and advice, you can ensure it’s done easily and beautifully! Here are some tips to help you get the best wedding day photography.

Meet With Your Photographer

One of the most important aspects of wedding photography is capturing the moments that matter most to the happy couple. Photographers can get some great candid shots on the big day, but meeting with your photographer beforehand can help ensure you get the specific photos you’re hoping for. During this meeting, you can discuss your vision for the wedding and identify any must-have shots. You can also go over the logistics of the day, such as where the photographer will be during key moments. By taking the time to plan, you can be sure your wedding photos will be everything you’ve always dreamed of.

Make a List of Shots

Any bride-to-be knows that great wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. You want to be able to look back on your big day and relive all those great memories. One important tip for getting the best wedding photos is to make a list of must-have shots and give it to your photographer. This way, you can be sure they will capture all the important moments. Of course, it’s also important to choose a photographer you feel comfortable with and who you know will do a great job. But giving them a shot list is a good way to make sure they don’t miss anything!

Choose a Special Location

When choosing a location for your portraits, don’t settle for any old spot. Instead, take some time to find a place that will showcase who you are as a couple. If you’re fun and playful, consider having your photos taken at an amusement park or carnival. If you’re more laid-back and relaxed, head to the beach or a scenic park. Think outside the box and choose a location that reflects your one-of-a-kind style! By taking the time to find a setting that’s perfect for you, you’ll get wedding photos you’ll cherish forever.

Try To Be Laid Back

On your wedding day, many things will be vying for your attention—friends, family, vendors, and of course, your spouse. With so much to think about, it can be easy to forget about your wedding photography. However, it’s important to remember that your photographer is there to capture the moments as they happen. So relax and enjoy your wedding day—the photos will turn out beautifully as long as you let your photographer do their job.

Have an Assistant

Set your photographer up for success by ensuring they’re prepared to capture your special day. A good way to do this is to designate someone to help with flash placement and crowd control. That way, your photographer can focus on getting those perfect shots without worrying about whether everyone’s smiling for the camera.

Plan Enough Time

A detail that you shouldn’t overlook is the amount of time you allow for wedding photography. Your wedding photographer will need time to capture all the important moments, from the first look to the first dance. So when you’re finalizing your wedding day timeline, leave plenty of time for photos. Otherwise, you might end up with some less-than-ideal shots, and who wants that on their wedding day?

Now that you know a few things to consider when planning your wedding photography, relax and enjoy your day! Be sure to communicate with your photographer so you get the shots you want, but also let them do their job and capture the moments as they happen. And finally, plan enough time for photography—it will take longer than you think! We hope these tips help make your wedding photography experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

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December 6, 2022

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