Wedding Guest 101: 5 Must-Know Etiquette Rules

Wedding Guest 101: 5 Must-Know Etiquette Rules

Are you planning on attending a wedding in the near future? If so, you should know a few things before you go. Below are five etiquette rules that will help ensure you have a pleasant experience and don’t offend anyone. Follow these tips to make a good impression on the bride and groom!

RSVP On Time

As someone who has been invited to a wedding, it is important to remember to RSVP as soon as possible. This helps confirm that you can attend the big day and gives your host the chance to plan for an accurate guest count and prepare accordingly. Whether you are responding to an informal email or a formal mail invitation, include any dietary restrictions or special instructions. That way, your host can accommodate these needs on the big day.

Don’t Bring a Plus-One Without Asking

One of the most important rules when attending a wedding is to never bring a plus-one without asking. This can be awkward for both you and the bride and groom, as there may not be enough space or seating for your plus-one. If you feel your situation calls for bringing a plus-one, like if you’re in a serious relationship or recently got engaged, it may be appropriate to request a guest. But if the bride and groom say no, always respect their wishes.

Don’t Show Up Late

Lateness is disrespectful to the happy couple and can put a damper on the entire day. After all, no one wants to see their friends or family members sneaking into the ceremony late or running in for the last few pictures at the reception. That will only distract the couple and other guests from enjoying themselves. Furthermore, arriving late could cause problems with seating arrangements and other logistical details, putting an unnecessary burden on the hosts and other wedding guests alike. So if you have been invited as a guest, make sure to show up on time—that’s what the bride and groom want!

Dress Appropriately

The most things to consider when dressing appropriately for a wedding are color and style. You don’t want to show up to a laid-back beach wedding in black tie attire, for example. You should also think about the season, weather conditions, and the vibe of the event itself. But perhaps one of the most important considerations is how well your outfit complements the overall theme or atmosphere of the occasion. Often, the couple will list the dress code on their invitations or wedding website. But when in doubt, opt for a classic look that will never go out of style. Whether you’re attending an evening soirée or a wedding in the park, remember that being a good guest means dressing right.

Behave Yourself

As a wedding guest, it is essential to conduct yourself politely, tactfully, and graciously throughout the wedding. This means being respectful of all your fellow guests and participating in traditional wedding rituals like welcoming newlyweds and making toasts with enthusiasm and good humor. Remember that your actions speak much louder than words, so make sure to uphold the high standards set by the happy couple for their special day. After all, it is not about you—it’s about them!

Whether you’re attending a wedding soon or want to be prepared just in case, remember these five etiquette rules. They’re sure to improve your experience as a wedding guest and help you celebrate the bride and groom well!

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October 10, 2022

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