Wedding Décor Hack: 4 Items To Thrift for Your Wedding

Wedding Décor Hack: 4 Items To Thrift for Your Wedding

Most couples rave that their wedding was the best party of their lives as they made their dreams a reality. Weddings get costly in a hurry and knowing ways to cut costs always helps. When it comes to wedding décor and furniture, most think their only options are to rent from the venue or buy new items. But thrifting is a great way to save, and it’s fun! Some of the top ways to save are by:

  • Buying vintage dinnerware
  • Purchasing secondhand linens
  • Shopping for used centerpieces
  • Finding secondhand furniture

While you can rent all these items from the venue, that gets expensive in a hurry. Why overspend when there are plenty of great ways to save your cash? Below, we’ve further detailed the top items to thrift for your wedding; get great tips on wedding décor hacks to keep the day on a budget!

Wedding Décor Hack: 4 Items To Thrift for Your Wedding

Start With Dinnerware

You’ll need enough dinnerware, cups, and flatware for all your guests, but some venues have unreasonably high rental fees. Again, you can’t just cut these items to save money, but you can go thrift shopping to get them at a better price.

Finding the Perfect China

Hit up your local thrift shops to search for china sets and flatware. This could be a fun activity to do with your partner as you hunt for the best pieces for your special day. Once you have enough china—or other dinnerware—search for flatware that complements it. 

While it can be hard to avoid mismatched sets, especially if you have a long guest list, you can take this as an opportunity. With your partner, search for dinnerware that reflects your personalities. If you love butterflies, hunt down a china set with that design; if your partner loves a sophisticated look, search out white china with a gold rim. By the end, you’ll both have dishes that you love for the wedding.

Decide on a Glass Theme

When shopping for glassware, strive to search for a commonality between each glass you purchase to get around mismatched sets. You could purchase glassware that ties into your wedding theme to keep every element of your special day tied together. Some examples include:

  • Vintage: Try searching for depression glass
  • Colored: Pick a theme or accent color for the glass
  • Elegant: Search for crystal glass at antique shops 

As you buy your glassware, also note that you’ll need different types of glasses. For example, formal dinners usually have water, wine, and champagne glasses. While all of these don’t have to match, you should search for similar styles, such as all fluted champagne glasses and all standard wine glasses. 

Wedding Décor Hack: 4 Items To Thrift for Your Wedding

Save Money on Linens

You’ll need nice tablecloths and fabric napkins to help set the mood on your romantic day. Look online or in thrift stores for used tablecloths and other linens you’ll need. Consider shopping for a specific material or color so that everything you buy has something in common for a bit of uniformity.

Get Secondhand Decorations

Wedding décor pours those extra bits of personality into your venue. Decorations make a space look better and allow you to set the stage for your romantic day. If you want an elegant fairytale wedding, you’ll need plenty of flowers, a romantic color scheme, etc., to create a picture-perfect scene. Some top decorating items you’ll need include:

  • Flower alternatives: Replace real flowers with artificial or another alternative
  • Frames: Shop for unique frames in secondhand shops and online
  • Centerpieces: Buy candles, vases, and candleholders to adorn tables

These money-saving options will help keep you on a budget without sacrificing aesthetics. For example, there are many nontraditional bridal bouquets that you can use for your walk down the aisle andfor table centerpieces. Although many of us like real flowers, they don’t last long, and the price adds up in a hurry. 

Add all the décor mentioned above to your list, and keep an open mind as you hit the stores. While you may not find exactly what you’ve envisioned, bridal visions are open to change, and you may find something you love even more. Plus, the more money you save on wedding décor, the more you’ll have to spend on a romantic honeymoon!

Wedding Décor Hack: 4 Items To Thrift for Your Wedding

Upcycle Wedding Décor

While you can buy some of your decorations secondhand, you can thrift other wedding elements. Consider spray painting old wine bottles for centerpieces, then hit up the thrift store for some artificial flowers. You can also upcycle other items such as wood or cork name card holders.

Get Creative With the Guest Book

Now, we’re not saying you should buy a thrifted guest book, but you can easily save money on one. Purchase a large canvas and have guests sign that. Then, if you love getting crafty or want to make it more personal, use some Mod Podge to put a picture of you and your partner on it—it looks just like a photo print!

Finding Secondhand Furniture

Most couples rent lounge furniture to use at cocktail hour; some venues also require you to rent the tables and chairs used at cocktail hour. While you need furniture at your wedding, you can usually get it cheaper by shopping for secondhand items. Aim to buy some used lounge furniture so that your guests have a place to sit between all the dancing at the reception.

Bridal Tip

If you need a lot of furniture, compare the price of the used pieces to renting. Remember, the key here is to save as much as possible. While one option may initially look great, additional fees like setup or shipping could change things.

Bonus Idea: Thrift Your Bridal Attire

Technically, clothing isn’t part of the wedding décor, but there are various ways to thrift this aspect of the wedding, so it’s worth mentioning. When it comes to finding the dress, you could check out thrift stores to see what’s on the rack. As strange as it may sound, some women don’t want to preserve their dresses and instead bring them to the thrift store so other brides can look beautiful in them. As you begin shopping, note key tips on how to buy a used wedding dress:

  • Check the size and whether the previous bride made alterations 
  • Verify dress condition and ask to see it in person before purchasing
  • Discuss how much they’ll charge for the preowned dress

As you begin shopping for used bridal attire, keep an open mind. Also, note that if you have a specific vision for your dress, you may not find it doing this. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t thrift other elements of your bridal attire.

Bridal Tip

The thought of thrifting your wedding dress may be off the table in your mind, but you may be open to doing so with some accessories like shoes or your veil. Consider also talking to relatives to see if someone has a veil or jewelry you could wear for your walk down the aisle.

Wedding Décor Hack: 4 Items To Thrift for Your Wedding

A Final Tip for Thrifting

When it comes to wedding décor hacks and the top items to thrift for your wedding, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t sacrifice your happiness for the sake of saving money. Take time to find items you truly love so that you have no regrets about the way you decorated your venue when you tied the knot.

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