Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

As you create your wedding budget, some of the first expenses you must consider include the venue, catering, and of course, your dress. Furniture, more specifically chairs, may not be one of the first things you think of as you compile your list. While some venues offer standard furniture in their rental packages, others offer add-on options. Alternatively, you may have to rent chairs from an outside company. We’ve assembled a couple’s ultimate guide to wedding chair rentals to help you decide on the ideal style for your wedding.

Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

How To Acquire Rental Chairs

How you secure your rental chairs depends on your venue and the applicable rules they have in place. Some locations include furniture with the rental fee for the space. However, some areas, such as barns, don’t always include chairs, tables, or other furniture. In these instances, you’ll need to hire a chair vendor. Talk with the venue manager about this aspect to determine whether you need to search for third-party furniture rentals.

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When selecting chairs, decide whether you want the same seats for the ceremony and reception or different styles for each. For example, some couples rent folding chairs for the ceremony but invest in upholstered dining chairs for the reception.

Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

How Much Chairs Typically Cost

Generally, $2 is the starting price for each wedding chair. At prices that low, $2 may seem like a great deal, but remember that price often reflects value. At $2 a chair, you may end up with uncomfortable seating if guests must use them for an extended period. Alternatively, some chairs have starting costs of around $30 each, which adds up quickly regardless of the size of your wedding. As you review chair options, consider the price, comfort, and style to ensure you make the most of your investment.

Rental prices vary depending on the types of chairs you choose, but the total cost usually ranges from $400 to $1,000. The amount you pay for your chairs also depends on how many you need to rent. Couples planning a wedding with 200 or more guests will likely have higher rental fees than those only expecting 50 people.

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Some vendors charge deposits for their services, so remember to ask about this when you review chair rental companies. By having a thorough breakdown of wedding deposits and preparing for them properly, it’s easier to save the correct amount of money for the big day.

Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

Types of Chairs

Now that we’ve discussed prices, let’s explore six fabulous chair styles. The following are some of the best chair types to rent for weddings:

  • Wooden folding chairs
  • Cross-back chairs
  • Mirage chairs
  • Rattan chairs
  • French bistro chairs
  • King Louis chairs

Before deciding on a style, it’s always best to review your top picks online or in person so you can get a feel for them. Ultimately, you should pick the chair type that fits into your wedding vision.

Wooden Folding Chairs

If you need a lot of chairs and have a limited budget, these are the perfect option. Generally, wooden folding chairs cost around $2 each, making them ideal for a wedding with a sizeable guest list. These chairs are also easier for your team to set up, which saves everyone valuable time. We recommend renting wooden or bamboo folding chairs because they appear more formal, although white plastic chairs are also popular at weddings.

Cross-Back Chairs

Alternatively, you could rent cross-back chairs, which typically cost around $11 each. This is the perfect option for a barn or other type of rustic wedding, as this seating choice has the industrial look you need. Cross-back chairs are usually wooden and have an X on the back to add to the aesthetic of these seats. If you get married and hold the reception in the same venue, you can have workers transform the space during cocktail hour and you’ll save money by reusing the chairs.

Mirage Chairs

Minimalism has become increasingly popular for weddings, and mirage chairs are the perfect understated seating option. These seats usually cost $10 a piece and most of the time, mirage chairs—also called ghost chairs— are acrylic and completely transparent.

Rattan Chairs

If you plan to say “I do” on a beautiful beach, you’ll need seating perfect for the location. Rattan chairs are popular at beach events since their woven appearance gives off boho and coastal vibes. Some couples rent rattan peacock chairs to place around the lounge area or put out during cocktail hour. You could even rent two of these unique chairs for you and your partner to use at the reception and seat the rest of your guests in other types of chairs.

French Bistro Chairs

Planning a sweet and romantic theme for the wedding? French bistro chairs are a must-have since their simple design will fit right in. Not to mention, these chairs bring France and Paris to mind, and nothing is more romantic than Paris, the city of love.

King Louis Chairs

The final option in our couple’s ultimate guide to wedding chair rentals is the King Louis chair, which is a wonderful choice if you want upholstered, stylish, and comfortable seats. While these seats greatly add to the formal appearance of your wedding, they also come at a higher price than most other options—$30 a chair. If you have a smaller guest list or a larger budget, King Louis chairs may be your perfect option.

Determining the Styles You Like Most

As you look at the different chair styles available for rent, begin by ruling out the choices you don’t like. Consider the overall aesthetic of each chair, as well as how they would look in your venue. Generally, rattan chairs are ideal for boho-themed or beach weddings, while cross-back chairs are perfect for a country-chic event. 

Consider Your Budget

In addition to style, you need to note your furniture rental budget. Once you and your partner decide how much money you want to spend on wedding furniture, choose how much you’ll spend solely on chairs versus tables and other pieces. Firmly determine your allotment and stick to chair rentals that fall within your established price range.

Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

Tips for Making a Seating Chart

As you look at chair rentals, you should also start drafting a seating chart. Generally, it’s proper etiquette to have people who know one another well sit beside each other; likewise, household members should share a table.

One of the biggest wedding seating chart mistakes to avoid is the dreaded singles table. All your single friends don’t want to be grouped together, and this can leave some feeling awkward. Instead, seat everyone with people they’ll feel most comfortable with. Your wedding is a time for everyone to have fun and not feel like they’re on a blind date. 

Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table

When you create your seating chart, you’ll also need to decide whether you want to have a head table or a sweetheart table. The head table is for the entire wedding party to sit together. This is a wonderful choice if everyone standing up at the wedding knows each other well and you like to follow tradition.

On the other hand, a sweetheart table is just for you and your partner. If you decide on this option, your wedding party can sit with fellow wedding guests at the reception.

Not sure whether you want a head table or a sweetheart table? Ask yourself this: do I want private seating and time alone with my partner? If so, the sweetheart table is perfect. While others surround you, you’ll sit at an individual table where you can have private conversations about your love for one another.

Wedding Chair Rentals: A Couple’s Ultimate Guide

A Final Note

Deciding on the perfect chairs for your wedding takes time and careful consideration. Before reviewing your options, establish a price range for what you can afford based on other wedding expenses. From there, decide whether you want the same chairs for the ceremony and reception or different styles for each. And, of course, be sure to pick the chair type that fits your wedding theme and venue. The perfect chairs will keep guests comfortable and coordinate nicely with your lovely theme.

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