Tux vs. Suit: Which Is Better for Grooms-To-Be?

Tux vs. Suit: Which Is Better for Grooms-To-Be?

Tuxes and suits are key formal attire ensembles that offer a classic and formal look for the groom. Many may find the key differences unclear or aren’t sure about what defines a tux or a suit. You may find yourself wondering what attire you should ultimately invest in and what is worth your money. Continue reading to learn about these two popular attire choices and which may be better for your big day as the groom-to-be.

What Is a Tuxedo?

Simply put, a tuxedo is formal attire that includes satin material. The satin material is typically facing the lapel, buttons, and trim along with other accented areas of the tuxedo. It elevates the traditional suit look and stands out against the more casual suit and tie wear.

There are exceptions to the typical satin fabric distinction that will still classify the attire as a tuxedo. This formal option is referred to as a tropical black tie, which you traditionally style with a white collared shirt, black pants, black accessories, and a white jacket. The tropical black-tie option is still a tuxedo because it has the distinct lapels, buttons, and pockets found on tuxedos.

What Is a Suit?

A suit is formal attire that leans more on the casual side. Casual doesn’t mean unfit for a formal event, but rather that it is a more common formal attire choice that doesn’t stand out the way a tuxedo would. It’s a less formal option that people wear more frequently, and you’ll see suits in a variety of settings.

Suits differ from tuxedos in many ways. But the main difference is that, unlike tuxedos, suits do not feature any satin material on their lapels, buttons, or linings—suits are entirely made from the same fabric. At your wedding, you may see your guests wearing suits, as this is the traditional option for such an event.

Key Differences Between the Tux and Suit

As previously discussed, one of the key differences between a tux and a suit is the material. Tuxes feature satin fabric on the trims of the lapel, the side of the pants, buttons, and pockets. Suits do not have this distinction.

Tuxes are also traditionally styled with a bow tie and waistcoat. This gives the tuxedo its distinct classic appearance appropriate for upscale and full formal events. On the other hand, suits are traditionally worn with a tie and collared dress shirt.

Tuxedos will also cost more to buy or rent at around $500–$1,000. You can purchase a suit for $250–$500 depending on the quality of the materials and the designer. If you’re also looking to save money on your wedding, you should opt for a suit.

Which Is Better?

If you want to stand out as the groom and make a statement, you should choose a tuxedo for your attire. Tuxedos are often recognized as special occasion wear and signal that you’ve reserved the attire for a special and extraordinary event. You aren’t likely to wear the tux in a business or lounge setting the way you would with a suit and tie.

When you’re getting married, either the suit or tux will serve your purposes, so one isn’t necessarily better than the other. However, you may find that a tux is more suitable for the memorable occasion of getting married. If you care to stand out and don’t want to go for a more casual look, the tux is for you. Alternatively, if you desire to stay within your comfort zone and don’t mind wearing a suit and tie, choose this option.

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July 29, 2022

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