Top Taylor Swift Songs To Play at Your Wedding

Top Taylor Swift Songs To Play at Your Wedding

As you prepare for your wedding, you’re probably thinking about all the important details, such as the venue, flowers, and catering. But have you considered which songs you want to hear on your special day? Music plays a significant role in setting the mood and creating memories during a wedding. And if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you know just how meaningful her songs are. Refine your selection of reception tunes with our list of Taylor Swift songs to play at your wedding.


This one may be a bit of an obvious pick since the song is about a romance story and has the perfect tune for you and your partner to slow dance. With its easy-to-follow beat, “Lover” could be ideal for your first or last dance of the evening. This song is especially perfect for couples tying the knot in December, as it contains the lyrics, “We can leave the Christmas lights up ’til January.

“Sparks Fly”

When most of us gush over the person we’re dating, we talk about the spark we feel anytime they’re around. On your big day, sparks will definitely fly between you and your favorite person. That’s why “Sparks Fly” is a wonderful option to play during cocktail hour or at your reception when everyone is on the dance floor. The lyrics in this song are passionate, endearing, and relatable.


Your wedding is enchanting, so why not play a song that fits the feeling? “Enchanted” tells the relatable story of having a crush and falling in love. This song is one of Taylor’s classics, so most of your guests are likely to know at least the chorus. It’s a perfect wedding song whether you slowly dance to it, simply sit and take in the lyrics, or twirl around and sing along.

“Paper Rings”

Although you and your partner will likely exchange metal rings at the altar, you’d probably be happy with any material—even paper rings—if it meant forever with your partner. “Paper Rings” is a perfect song to play during your reception if you want everyone on the dance floor to have a blast! Not only is this song about love, but it also has a fun beat that everyone can groove to.

“Love Story”

Every couple has a unique love story, making this Taylor Swift song an absolute must to play at your wedding! Although the story is about a Romeo and Juliet type of romance, the lyrics of this ballad are ideal for every couple. At its core, “Love Story” is about the unconditional love between two people who’d go to the ends of the earth to remain together, no matter what anyone else thinks.

“Today Was a Fairytale”

“Today Was a Fairytale” is a perfect song to play whether you have a fairytale-themed wedding or a day that just feels magical. You could use this as your first dance song, the last song of the night, or you could break up the fast-paced songs played during the reception with this option. Alternatively, you could play “Today Was a Fairytale” as you walk down the aisle if you want an alternative to the traditional options.

“Invisible String”

If you believe in destiny, then “Invisible String” is the perfect ballad to describe your romance. This song ties to the East Asian folklore of the “red thread of fate.” According to legend, this unseen string connects us to the people meant for us; no matter how jumbled it gets, the thread will never break.

Other Amazing Songs To Play

For your big day, knowing how to create a wedding reception playlistis key to keeping the dance floor lively. As an incredibly talented artist, Taylor has countless songs you can play at your wedding that fall into various categories. An option like “Mary’s Song” is fitting for childhood friends turned lovers. Some additional honorable mentions include:

  • “Our Song”
  • “Mine”
  • “Evermore”
  • “Everything Has Changed”
  • “King of My Heart”
  • “This Love”
  • “You Are in Love”
  • “End Game”

Music has a way of bringing people together and telling a story that words alone cannot express. Your wedding day is perfect for incorporating your favorite Taylor Swift songs and creating a soundtrack that beautifully reflects your relationship.

Tips for Picking Your Songs

Selecting the ideal songs depends on when you want to play them. All of the songs listed above are perfect for cocktail hour or the reception. When it comes to your walk down the aisle, softer music is the most traditional, making “Love Story,” “Today Was a Fairytale,” and “This Love” fitting options. You could also play instrumental versions of these songs for your grand entrance or slow dance.

Ultimately, the perfect song depends on what you and your partner like most. Whether you choose one of Taylor’s classics or a hidden gem from her discography, your wedding day will be even more magical with her music as the soundtrack. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and incorporate your favorite hits as you celebrate your special moment.

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