Tips for Improvising on a Rainy Wedding Day

Tips for Improvising on a Rainy Wedding Day

We all fear it. We try our best to hope and pray for a glorious sunny wedding day, but sometimes, Mother Nature takes a turn, and we have to improvise! Your perfect wedding day is far from over if you see rain in the forecast for the big day. Take a step back and breathe—you have options! There is an entire wedding community out there ready to help you and give you resources to solve your wedding day fears. The plus side of a rainy wedding day is that it is thought of as a sign of good luck. Many believe it washes away all previous disagreements and arguments while giving you and your spouse a fresh start to your marriage.

Let’s start from the top with what to do first when your wedding day is calling for a chance of rain.

Talk To Your Venue Coordinator

Ask your venue if they have a backup rainy day option. Do they have a covered area on-site that would fit your guests? Is there a way to arrange the indoor reception area so that it also works for your ceremony? If not, ask them if you are able to rent a tent and, if so, ask where you can place it. Are they willing to be flexible? Will they allow you to rearrange your wedding day schedule until the storm passes? They will likely have some recommendations for you!

Tips for Improvising on a Rainy Wedding Day

Get Creative!

Hit up your local thrift store for some fun umbrellas for your guests. This is a great option to keep your guests happy, and it won’t break the bank. You can also order some ponchos from Amazon. Or perhaps you or someone you know is particularly skilled in setting up tarps. Ask your venue if they would let you set up a tarp over the ceremony area. This could be a great option if you are unable to rent a tent due to cost or a lack of availability. As a bonus, you can have fun making it your own.

Be Prepared

Have towels ready that you and your guests can use to dry off after the ceremony. Have a plan for your dress—nobody wants a muddy dress to start off the celebration. You might want to consider purchasing a runner to walk down the aisle or placing a stylish rug at the altar! You can also try spraying the bottom of your dress with a fabric protector, such as Scotchguard. Be sure to ask your tailor for recommendations before you spray anything on your dress. And just to be safe, take your dress to the dry cleaners after the wedding—they can work miracles!

Tips for Improvising on a Rainy Wedding Day

Keep the Positive Vibes Rolling

You’re getting married, and this is the happiest day of your life. A little rain will not ruin your day! In fact, it will probably give you great lighting and some stellar photos! Your guests will be happy to celebrate with you in any weather condition, especially if there’s food and drinks waiting for them afterward.

Cheers, and happy wedding planning!

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December 13, 2021

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