The Top Five Wedding Trends Going Into 2022

The Top Five Wedding Trends Going Into 2022

I’ve been in the wedding industry for over ten years, and it’s amazing to see how the industry adapts, changes, and grows every year. A lot of trends have been popular for a long time, but ever since COVID-19 shocked the world, things have started to change in ways they never have before. There are five wedding trends that I think will be popular going into 2022 and for the foreseeable future. Obviously, everyone is going to have their own unique styles, and no two weddings will be exactly the same, but over the last year, I have seen some noticeable modifications to the industry.

Trend #1: Weekday Weddings?

The first trend I believe will be popular for quite some time involves the day of the week when people choose to have their weddings. Prior to COVID-19, Fridays and Saturdays were your go-to, must-have wedding dates. Now, due to a lack of availability and a significant increase in pricing on those days of the week, people are turning to Sundays and weekdays as their day of choice. These days offer a ton of availability, and the cost is often cheaper. Move over weekend weddings—it’s time to party every day of the week!

Trend #2: See Ya, Formalities!

The second trend is that many couples are choosing to forgo wedding formalities that have been around for decades. Some of those formalities include the bouquet toss, garter toss, customary cake cutting, and the anniversary dance. The reasoning behind this is that a lot of couples just do not care for these things anymore. They think some of these traditions are pointless. In addition, each couple wants as much time to party after dinner as possible, so they do not care to stop the music and dancing for those formalities.

The Top Five Wedding Trends Going Into 2022

Trend #3: Ceremony & Menu Cards Shift

The third trend involves having ceremony and menu cards available for your guests. Ceremony cards can be designed in any way that the couple would like, and each guest receives one upon arrival to the ceremony. Menu cards are normally either folded into each napkin and placed at every place setting or put on top of each plate. Both are unique to the couple’s style and add a little more flair to their décor. Guests enjoy reading and keeping each card as a token of remembrance for the special couple’s big day.

Trend #4: Smaller Cakes

The fourth trend is having a smaller wedding cake. Over the last year, a lot of couples have chosen a one- or two-tier wedding cake, and I think that trend will continue. As a wedding planner, the number one thing I think gets wasted is the cake. Not everyone eats a slice, so it’s unnecessary to have a four- or five-tier cake. Instead, couples are choosing to enjoy a smaller cake and making other desserts available for their guests to enjoy. Most venues come with a variety of items included with dessert, so after enjoying a large meal and having so many sweets to choose from, the cake often ends up being a waste of money.

Trend #5: Special Effects!

The last trend is adding special effects to your wedding day. This is obviously going to depend on each couple, as everyone is different, and some people prefer a simpler wedding style. However, for bold couples, special effects are a must. Some of the most popular special effects include cold spark fountains, dancing on a cloud, a snow machine, and CO2 cannons. These all add a wow factor to your event, and they all end up looking fantastic in your professional wedding photos. Not every venue allows special effects indoors, so it is always important to ask when touring venues, especially if special effects are a must-have for you and your fiancé!

Every couple is unique in their own way. My favorite part about my job is learning about each couple and their likes and dislikes when it comes to how they envision their wedding day. It is important to stay on top of current trends in the wedding industry if you are engaged, but always remember that this is your day, and it absolutely should be done your way. I take pride in crafting every wedding according to my client’s wants and needs, so whatever they want is exactly what they are going to get! What are your thoughts on my ideas of the top five trends going into 2022?

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Hey there! My name is Nicole, and I have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years. I started in the industry under my father’s company, which started as a DJ company. From there, we expanded by adding photo booths, lighting, special effects, and more. About three years ago, I branched off on my own! Weddings and events are truly my passion, and I strive to make all my clients fall in love with the planning process instead of being stressed. I strive to be the fairy godmother they have always dreamed of having. I treat every event as if it is my own, no matter how large or small. If you’re looking to have your dream day done your way and within your budget, I am your girl!
December 15, 2021

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