The Top 5 Bachelorette Party Themes for 2023

The Top 5 Bachelorette Party Themes for 2023

It seems like every bride is looking for a unique bachelorette party theme. A theme helps brides to coordinate outfits, décor, favors, and the overall vibe for their weekend and make it super Instagrammable! Some brides are even going so far as to have a different theme each day and night throughout their party, and we are here for it. While everyone loves a Final Fiesta or Last Rodeo, we’ve got new themes on the brain for 2023 that will create a gorgeous setup wherever you hold your party.

Bride on Cloud 9

This theme is perfect for the classy bride whose head is in the clouds!

Why We Love This Theme

Bride on Cloud Nine is an extremely cute theme that’s not destination or color specific. This option is for the bride who wants a party with elevated style yet a low-key weekend. You can decorate with blues, pinks, and whites or even spice up the décor with pops of yellow!

Décor & Favor Inspiration

For this theme,we’re envisioning a cloud backdrop made of either fabric or actual pillow stuffing. Add some helium balloons and glittery balloons filled with cotton. Incorporate some florals into the décor, then put out custom cookies and champagne topped with cotton candy as whimsical refreshments! Must-have favors for the guests are feather PJs, sleep masks, clear monogrammed clutches, and spa kits.

Veuve Before Vows

This theme is a great fit for the bride who is the life of the party!

Why We Love This Theme

Who doesn’t love bright colors and champagne? Veuve Before Vows is the perfect celebratory theme for your high-energy, life-of-the-party bride! This is another theme that works in any destination, though we’re partial to a French bachelorette (any takers?).

Décor & Favor Inspiration

Decorate with orange, pink, and gold everything! Put up a streamer backdrop, colorful balloon garland, and custom jumbo balloons. You can serve Veuve-inspired cookies and champagne in pink and orange champagne flutes. Top off your décor with custom champagne labels and itineraries in the shape of champagne bottles. Must-have favors for guests are brightly colored sunglasses, Veuve label sweatshirts, and painted champagne bottles.

Last Rumble in the Jungle

For the bride who likes to get a little rowdy, this theme is the one!

Why We Love This Theme

This theme is fun because it can go a number of different ways, including elevated chic, playful, sexy, or a combination of the three! Color schemes can be bright and bold or more muted and natural.

Décor & Favor Inspiration

You have so many options when decorating for this theme.Choose someanimal mylar balloons to put up around the room. Serve refreshments with animal print napkins, plates, cups, and straws. Then, create a balloon wall complete with palm leaves and pampas! Must-have favors for guests depend on where you hold the party but include custom jelly totes, koozies, cups, cheetah headbands, earrings, towels, and bathing suits!

Bride Has Butterflies

Choose this theme for the girly girl bride-to-be.

Why We Love This Theme

This theme isdainty, sweet, and girly—what’s not to love? There are so many color schemes that would fit with this bachelorette theme, including pastels, neon colors, yellows, and oranges—the options are endless.

Décor & Favor Inspiration

To create the look for this theme, create a balloon garland complete with butterfly add-ons. Serve custom butterfly cupcakes and have a cocktail bar setup with painted champagne bottles, custom napkins, and fancy plates and straws. A streamer photo backdrop with butterfly-inspired string lights will be the perfect place for your guests to take pictures! Must-have favors include butterfly clips, colorful tote bags, glass tumblers printed with butterflies, necklaces, face makeup, and jewels.

Can’t Help Falling in Love

This theme is perfect for the romantic, retro bride!

Why We Love This Theme

Bring back Elvis! This theme is upbeat, fun, and unique. We love the contrast of the bolder color scheme and décor with a lighthearted message.

Décor & Favor Inspiration

Record labels (create your own!) and records help you create the perfect table setups, bar scenes, and photo backdrops. Must-have favors include custom leather jackets, hair ties, earrings, and retro sunglasses.

If you’re looking for a go-to party theme this coming year, choose one of these creative themes!

We love creating mood boards for bachelorette themes that are outside of the box, and we can put together a themed party to suit any bride’s style! Visit to get the party started!

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