The Pros and Cons of Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

The Pros and Cons of Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

From rustic barn weddings to elegant ballroom weddings, Florida has an array of venue options couples can choose from for their big day. Yet one of the most popular wedding styles remains the Florida beach wedding, particularly along the Gulf Coast.

There are many great reasons to have a beach wedding in Florida, like the beautiful ocean scenery, which is perfect for photos. Still, the state’s unpredictable weather and the occasional lack of privacy could also impact your decision. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether to plan a beach wedding in Florida.

The Pros and Cons of Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

Pro: It’s the Beach!

The easy waves, sugary sands, and sparkling waters of the Emerald Coast are perfect for a laid-back and casual wedding atmosphere. That’s not to say that beach weddings can’t be elegant and fancy. But typically, they’re less opulent than big ballroom weddings yet very cozy and intimate. In addition, beach wedding attire tends to be more relaxed than other wedding styles. To maximize comfort, you and your guests can ditch the heels for cute sandals, dress shoes for a pair of boat shoes, or even go barefoot.

A beach wedding can also be a fun vacation getaway for your guests. There’s plenty to do around the beach, like exciting boat rides, sports, and waterfront dining. There are also fun activities around Florida’s famous beach towns. Your out-of-town guests will have no trouble finding something to enjoy themselves. There’s plenty to do, from shopping to sightseeing to amazing culinary experiences. Since the towns are so used to hosting tourists, your guests will have a fun time while celebrating one of the most important days of your life with you.

Con: Florida’s Sometimes Unpredictable Weather

Ideally, the perfect beach wedding happens on a mild, sunny day with a calm breeze. Although many couples get to have the beach wedding of their dreams, it’s still important to remember that anything could happen, especially in Florida’s tropical climate.

That said, April, May, June, September, and October are some of the best months for hosting a beach wedding in Florida. Spring in Florida is the most popular time for beach weddings, so make a booking early to secure your dream venue, as resorts also fill up around this time.

Florida’s summers are the times you’ll most likely find rain; however, showers will usually be predictable. On the bright side, many venues know how to work around Florida weather. They will usually have an alternate indoor venue you can move your celebration into if the weather changes.

The Pros and Cons of Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

Pro: Great Wedding Pictures With Romantic, Panoramic Views

After all the food and drinks are done, the dance floor fizzles out, and your guests leave, you’ll need a way to remember your beautiful wedding day. Aside from your marriage and new family life, the next-best way to remember it is with your photo album.

Wedding photos are some of the most important wedding keepsakes you’ll have, and beach weddings make for some amazing photo ops. Even on the not-so-sunny days, the scenery of the Gulf Coast has given couples the most stunning wedding pictures for their mantels and albums.

Con: Privacy Concerns

While you can book a particular spot to host your wedding, it is unlikely that you’ll get to close the whole beach down for your big day. Florida beach weddings are beautiful; no matter how often they happen, they are hard not to look at. So you may get the occasional passersby stopping to look at what’s happening. Usually, it’s not that big a deal. People are quite respectful, maintaining a healthy distance and not trying to ruin your day. However, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about your privacy, especially if people want to take pictures. Luckily, many Florida beach wedding packages also include security to keep your event safe.

Pro: All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

One of the best things brides love about having their beach weddings in Florida is that there is no shortage of beach wedding venues. There are plenty of beaches and beachside hotels, resorts, or even vacation rentals to choose from. It’s very convenient to host your wedding at a hotel or resort because they cater to many weddings throughout the year. They are normally all inclusive, so you can get your decorations, flowers, catering, and cake done at your venue. These packages are great deals for the budget-conscious bride. It is also more cost-effective to use your venue’s wedding services, and it’s less stressful than coordinating with different outside vendors.

The Pros and Cons of Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

When in Doubt, Ask a Friend, Family Member, or Professional

Planning a wedding is stressful, but you don’t have to go through it alone. You can always seek help from a friend or family member to weigh your options. You can also talk to experienced wedding professionals who have planned Florida beach weddings before. They can help you work through the pros and cons.

Hopefully, you now have a better picture of the pros and cons of having a Florida beach wedding. Whatever you decide to do, remember that your wedding day is your special day. If you can have the wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a Florida beach wedding or not, you should go for it.

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