The Mrs. Clutch Guide To Wedding Accessories and Handbags

The Mrs. Clutch Guide To Wedding Accessories and Handbags

Ladies, during these uncertain times, no bridal accessory has been more vital to today’s modern brides than the perfect bridal clutch. Nowadays, brides need a handbag to secure their masks and hand sanitizer to ensure their safety on their big day. But beyond being a clean place to hold your mask, a clutch provides brides with a place to carry those very important wedding day essentials, such as their lipstick, phone, hankie, and perhaps a special family keepsake or love note penned by their groom.

The key is to select a clutch that is not only stylish and functional but to invest in a handbag that goes beyond the aisle—one that could be carried with you throughout future events and to all those special “bride-to-be” moments during your wedding planning journey. You should select a handbag made of fine quality and craftsmanship with superior materials, something worthy of becoming an heirloom. The Mrs. Clutch is an example of fine quality and craftsmanship that you can enjoy from this day forward.

Brides, I understand that costs can add up quickly when planning your wedding, so when contemplating your budget for your accessories for your big day, try considering cost vs. use. For example, if you are a budget-conscious bride, consider spending less on items that will only be used for a small portion of the day, such as your veil or other items that you will only use during the ceremony. This will allow you to spend more of your budget on items that you will continue to use after your big day.

When shopping for a bridal clutch for your wedding, shop with The Mrs. Clutch for bespoke quality handbags. We believe in reducing bridal fashion footprints by producing smaller quantities of high-quality items for continued use. The slow fashion movement is at the root of The Mrs. Clutch brand. Producing smaller quantities of items reduces fashion waste, which is good for our planet. This is what sets The Mrs. Clutch apart from other brands.

The Mrs. Clutch believes in bridal style beyond the aisle. We encourage our brides to carry their Mrs. Clutch to their engagement party, proposal dinner, and even their bridal shower. Relish in the sophisticated style of The Mrs. Clutch on your wedding day, but don’t stop there; bring it to the afterparty, on your honeymoon, date nights, and future special occasions as a newly married woman. Each use of your clutch will help you recall all the beautiful memories associated with your magical wedding day, and these cherished moments will accompany you to many future events. We consider this money well spent—you are essentially investing in an heirloom.

The Mrs. Clutch is a bridal brand with a cause. We donate $10 from every clutch sale to VOW for Girls, a grassroots non-profit organization that’s working to end child marriage across the globe.

Unwrap and new tradition with The Mrs. Clutch and discover your bridal heirloom. Wishing all of you beautiful brides “Love & Luck” from The Mrs. Clutch!

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Maria Caruso Martin

Maria Caruso Martin founder and creative director began her creative career over 20 years ago as an interior designer. Her love of both fashion and interior design made the transition from interior designer to fashion designer a natural progression. Her Italian roots and love affair with Italy is where she fell in love with the magical city of Venice and the romantic gothic quatrefoil that is the signature for the brand. With its many interpretations – luck, faith and love among them – the quatrefoil now adorns each handbag in both style and sentiment. Once featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her personal wedding style, Maria now shares her signature sophisticated style with other brides and fashionable women looking for bespoke luxury handbags. Website & Instagram.
December 14, 2021

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