The Dos & Don’ts of Inviting Coworkers to Your Wedding

The Dos & Don’ts of Inviting Coworkers to Your Wedding

Your wedding is a special day, so it’s only natural to want to share the joy and celebration with your coworkers. But when it comes to inviting them, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

Inviting your colleagues can be tricky because you must consider their feelings and relationships with others in the workplace. You also need to make sure everyone feels welcome and respected at your wedding, regardless of position or seniority.

To help ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, here are some dos and don’ts for inviting coworkers to your wedding.


Set Clear Boundaries

When deciding who to invite from your workplace, be thoughtful and considerate. Setting clear boundaries about who gets invited and why before you send out any invitations can make the process less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved. This will ensure your wedding guests are those who are most meaningful and special to you and your partner. Take some time to think about how each of your coworkers fits into your life story—that’s a great way to form your invitation list.

Consider Inviting Them to Different Wedding Events

This approach allows for a larger pool of attendees, and everyone gets to be part of the special day! When you invite your coworkers to different wedding events, you can show your appreciation and thankfulness to them in an inclusive and memorable way. It also provides ample opportunity for old friends and new acquaintances alike to mingle and have a great time at your wedding festivities. So consider planning several different activities around your nuptials so that more of your coworkers can join in the celebration.

Consider Allowing Plus-Ones

Plus-ones add charm and life to the event, bringing a depth of conversation and merriment. While allowing plus-ones isn’t a requirement, it’s a nice gesture, especially if you know some of your coworkers are in relationships. If your budget doesn’t allow for plus-ones, however, don’t hesitate to politely request guests not to bring one.

Send Out Invitations

Sending out invitations is a kind gesture that shows you value each coworker’s presence on your big day. So rather than simply extending an oral invite, send physical or virtual wedding invitations to all invited coworkers. You can make these invitations as traditional or creative as you’d like.


Invite All Your Coworkers if You Don’t Want Them All There

You probably don’t want the office gossip mill to go into full swing. Therefore, it might be best to keep your guest list small and tight by inviting only close coworkers you most value and have a solid relationship with. This way, you won’t be taking any chances on creating awkwardness for yourself come Monday morning. After all, weddings are about having an intimate special day with those closest to you.

Ask Someone Directly at Work

When inviting coworkers to your wedding, remember to observe professional boundaries. Although you may have forged friendly relationships with many of them, the best way to invite your colleagues is through an email or special post office delivery. This helps ensure everyone will feel comfortable and keeps the event separate from the workplace.

Pressure People Into Attending                                  

A big don’t for inviting coworkers is to pressure people into attending your wedding by making assumptions about their answers. Statements like, “I assume everyone will come. Right?” put unnecessary pressure on those who may not be able to make it or aren’t interested in attending. It’s best to approach these conversations with a friendly yet professional tone and put the decision in their hands.

Expect Gifts

Inviting coworkers to your wedding is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s important to remember that any gifts they might bring are simply tokens of congratulations and encouragement. Although appreciated, it’s never appropriate to expect gifts from coworker guests; your relationship may become strained if you do so. Treat these guests as ordinary invitees and accept whatever they wish to give with graciousness and humility.

When inviting coworkers to your wedding, make sure you consider the size of your celebration and only invite those with whom you have a close working relationship. Be mindful not to pressure people into attending by making assumptions about what the answer will be. Don’t expect gifts from them either; this can create awkwardness between both parties. Ultimately, if you go about it correctly, having your coworkers at your special day should be something that you and they look forward to!

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March 16, 2023

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