The Cost of Wedding Flowers: Hawaii vs. Mainland

The Cost of Wedding Flowers: Hawaii vs. Mainland

A common saying in Hawaii is #luckywelivehawaii. It’s a hashtag that we take pride in. We are lucky to live on these beautiful islands where we can enjoy the beach, culture, and everything Hawaii has to offer. Island life truly is a dream. I have been a floral designer for over 20 years now after starting out in San Diego, California, and I’m fortunate enough to have worked in the floral industry in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Panama City, Panama, St. Thomas, VI, and Hawaii.

I have experienced the constant struggle in how different pricing can affect my business. The first event I styled on Oahu was a shock! I knew I would not have the luxury of a floral mart that would allow me to compare products and pricing before quoting a client with their floral needs, but the experience was still a surprise. To help you avoid the same shock I experienced, I’ve outlined some of the most important things to know about the cost of wedding flowers in Hawaii and on the mainland.

Comparing Mainland vs. Island Flower Costs

Most of our clients are on the mainland, but destination weddings and events are very common on our islands. Budget is a very big part of my initial conversation with clients. Some clients request all tropical blooms and foliage because they think it will be cost-effective; however, that is not the case. Tropical blooms and foliage can be more expensive than garden blooms like roses, hydrangeas, and ranunculus.

For example, a tropical bouquet that would cost a client in California $100 could cost a client $125 to $150 on the islands. This price is higher because we must get all our florals shipped in from our partners in California, South America, Florida, and even Thailand. Our partnerships are chosen carefully, as we like to provide the best quality.

How To Stay Within Budget

One way we help our clients stay within their budget is by reusing designs. For instance, we may transfer the arch flowers to the bridal party table or sweetheart table. Perhaps we will use the reception centerpieces as aisle markers for the ceremony. Hele Mele Botanicals also offers the option to receive hard goods, such as vases, votives, and accent décor that is supplemental to floral arrangements, two weeks before the big day. Trying to work with a budget without compromising my client’s style or vision is something I am passionate about. We also do not limit ourselves to our wedding packages.

Today, we continue to experience even more hardships due to the effects of the ongoing pandemic on the bridal industry. The best advice I can give a newly engaged couple is to create a strong relationship with your floral vendor and figure out a way to make your vision come to life. The more time and care you put into your relationship with your florist, the better you’ll be able to collaborate to craft your dream island wedding.

Flowers are not inexpensive, but they are an important part of a wedding or event, and they absolutely help with your photography backdrops as well. As you plan your wedding, consider how your floral design can make your dream ceremony and reception even more romantic. After all, flowers tie everything together and bring pure joy to any setting.


Maria Roedel

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Maria Roedel

Aloha, My name is Maria Roedel, and I’m part owner of Hele Mele Botanicals located on the island of Oahu (I’m the one in the green dress!). My business partner and I started our company three years ago when we combined our passion for florals, plants, and lei into one. I have been a floral designer for over 20 years and have been fortunate to travel and design all over the country and internationally. I have a passion for being able to show my creativity through my designs. I love to learn from my peers and really enjoy stepping into local floral shops and nurseries anytime I travel. I believe building a relationship with my clients allows me to get to know them and create designs according to their style and vision. When I am not working, I am the mom to a beautiful 14-year-old daughter who also shares my creative spirit. Hele Mele Botanicals is a floral boutique located in Honolulu. You can browse our shop via our website at and our Instagram: @helemelehi. We are a full-service florist and plantscaping company that specializes in plant design and maintenance.
January 28, 2022

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