The Best Wedding Budget Templates To Download

The Best Wedding Budget Templates To Download

Whether you’re planning to spend a few thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars on your wedding, budget tracking is a must. No bride or groom enjoys blowing their budget on a wedding and ending up with dismal savings for a honeymoon and home. However, when you start spending for your wedding, it is easy to lose track of how much things cost or what you already booked.

Start off with some budgeting 101 from Everyday Bride and check out the best wedding budget templates to download. Check out these budgeting options below; your bank account will certainly thank you for it.

The Wedding Budget Calculator — The Knot

The Knot is a well-known online community and wedding planning app designed for all types of brides. Want to keep track of your budget, but hate keeping track of math-intensive spreadsheets? If so, no worries!

The Knot designed a perfect online budgeting tool for the bride that hates spreadsheets. If you don’t want to spend your engagement trying to decipher a spreadsheet, you’re in luck. The Knot built a highly visual and optimized budgeting tool that’s sure to help your planning process.

The Wedding Budget Breakdown — Little Wedding Guide

The Little Wedding Guide, an online organizational site for weddings, offers its own Wedding Budget Breakdown to help you develop your wedding budget and keep track of vendors. Their budget spreadsheet comes with instructions and guides to help you stay on track.

The Little Wedding Guide will make planning and budgeting for your big day simple, convenient, and much more enjoyable.

The Wedding Budget Spreadsheet — Wedding Forward

Wedding Forward is another popular wedding-focused website that provides a wedding budget spreadsheet. What makes this budget tracker stand out is its cute design and easily shareable format. With this template, all you need to do is fill in the estimates and actual costs.

The Wedding Budget Tracker — WeddingWire

The bride who hates math but needs to stick to a budget should seek out WeddingWire, whose site provides an amazing tool to track your budget. It puts together cost breakdowns for you and allows for as much customization as you may need.

This tracker will give brides and grooms the support they need to throw their dream wedding.

The Wedding Budget App — Zola

Busy brides will enjoy this highly convenient and user-friendly budgeting calculator app. The Zola app provides expertise on how to throw a memorable wedding without destroying your precious budget. Based on its online wedding resource site, Zola, this app provides a user-friendly breakdown of budgeting tips and tricks.

Not only will this app help brides and grooms keep their budgets under control, but this resource is also personalized. With so many different vendors and options to explore on this app, brides will easily be able to customize their wedding vision without breaking the bank.

You’ve officially graduated from Everyday Bride’s budgeting 101 by getting to know the best wedding budget templates to download today. No matter the budgeting tool you choose, make sure to customize it to your liking. Not every wedding has the same exact vendor needs. Keep track of everything in one place to help keep things organized.

The more control you maintain over your budget, the better you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding day, honeymoon, and every day after that.

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September 30, 2021

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