The Best Affordable All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Honeymoon

The Best Affordable All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Honeymoon

After months of coordinating every detail to create the perfect wedding, who has time to plan their honeymoon? Your honeymoon should be a relaxing and celebratory trip to cherish your new marriage, but most couples find the process of planning this trip to be headache-inducing.

Couples most commonly struggle to figure out the destination and boarding for their honeymoon. After all, where you choose to stay can significantly impact your trip, and some resorts have better booking deals than others.

In this article, we’ll share a list of the best affordable, all-inclusive resorts for your honeymoon. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of some of the best locations so that you can enjoy your honeymoon in peace. To learn more, keep reading our guide below.

The Best Affordable All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Honeymoon

For the Active Couple: Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii

Not everyone enjoys lounging around during their honeymoon. In fact, some couples see their honeymoon as the perfect opportunity to try new activities and make the most out of an active vacation. If you and your partner are the type of couple that prefers to stay active, then the Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii, will be the destination location for you.

The Turtle Bay Resort’s motto is “Always Moving,” which perfectly describes their adventurous atmosphere. Not only are guest rooms spread across the gorgeous North Shore beach of Oahu, but the resort also provides exclusive Activity Credits. Couples can receive all-inclusive Activity Credits to use toward different activities in Oahu.

Here are some of the best activity credits and perks included with your stay at this resort.

Included Resort Perks:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Horseback Riding
  • Bike Rentals
  • Spa Services
  • Dance Classes

Consider booking a stay at this active and affordable resort for your honeymoon.

For the Child-Free Couple: Paradisus Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

If you and your partner are itching to get away from the stresses of everyday life, then Paradisus Los Cabos will be an ideal resort for you. Located in beautiful San Jose del Cabo, this resort overlooks some of the most stunning views of the Sea of Cortes. Not only is Paradisus a breathtakingly beautiful place to stay, but it’s also child-free. If your past vacations have been plagued with unruly or screaming children, then we highly recommend staying in this child-free place. So sit, relax, and enjoy the beach area without unnecessary chaos.

This all-inclusive resort also has plenty of luxury benefits to enjoy. Check out some of the best advantages of staying at Paradisus Los Cabos below.

Included Resort Perks:

  • Oversized Suites
  • Live Evening Entertainment
  • Butler Service
  • Swim-Up Suites
  • Restaurants
  • Private Lounges
The Best Affordable All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Honeymoon

For the Romantic Couple: Cocobay Resort in Antigua

Your honeymoon should be completely dedicated to you and your partner’s new marriage. If you’re looking for a location where you can celebrate your love, then consider staying at the all-inclusive Cocobay resort in Antigua. This island destination is the ultimate getaway for an adults-only romantic trip. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the beach or explore the island. However you choose to spend your stay at this resort, you’ll leave this island relaxed and more in love than ever.

This resort is also highly affordable. Cocobay offers different service discounts for prospective couples, including a reduced honeymoon rate. Check out some of the best perks of this destination.

Included Resort Perks:

  • Deluxe Cottages
  • Beach Sports
  • Spa Services
  • Restaurants and Private Dining

For the Adventurous Couple: Barcelo Maya Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Some couples like to use their honeymoon as an opportunity to explore a new place they’ve never been to. If you’re planning your honeymoon and have an itch for adventure, we recommend checking out the Barcelo Maya Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This gorgeous hotel resort has the perfect location to explore hidden local gems and enjoy the beach.

Foodies will also fall in love with this honeymoon destination. Barcelo Maya Palace serves some of the most delectable entrees, from authentic Mexican menus to unexpected international delights. Check out more of the perks from this resort below.

Included Resort Perks:

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Monte Alban Theater Live Entertainment
  • Mexican and International Cuisine
  • Renaissance Aruba Resort
The Best Affordable All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Honeymoon

For the Private Couple: Solmar Resort in Cabo

Staying in a house resort filled with newlyweds and guests can sometimes be overwhelming. Some couples prefer to book a more intimate vacation. If you value your privacy and have always envisioned a smaller destination for your honeymoon, then the Solmar Resort could be the best option for you and your partner.

This all-inclusive hotel is smaller than most other resorts. It provides the same exciting luxuries and views as a larger resort. Learn more about the best advantages of this resort below.

Included Resort Perks:

  • Deluxe Suites and Villas
  • Beach Access
  • Five-Star Cuisine Dining
  • Spa Services

For the Social Media Couple: The Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club in Honolulu, Hawaii

If you didn’t post about your honeymoon on Instagram, did it even happen? For Instagram and social media addicts, the Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club will be the ultimate honeymoon adventure. Packed with colorful artwork and unique sites, this resort is a mix of dreamy and modern luxury.

This resort will give you and your partner plenty of Instagram-able moments to post online, and it’s highly affordable. Consider staying at the Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club if you’re looking to make honeymoon memories without breaking the bank.

Below are some of the best advantages of booking a stay at this location.

Included Resort Perks

  • Instagram-able Spots
  • Live Lounge
  • Gourmet Cuisine
  • Long and Surfboard Lessons
  • Aqua Zumba
The Best Affordable All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Honeymoon

For the Bougie Couple: Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta

For many, a honeymoon should be a dream vacation filled with the brim with luxurious service and entertainment. However, many couples assume fulfilling their dreams of a magical getaway honeymoon won’t fit their budget.

Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta is a prime example that this myth is entirely false. This highly luxurious and all-inclusive resort hotel offers the best services for a fair price. This resort is a AAA diamond-rated hotel perfect for any newlywed couple.

Hotel Mousai is an adults-only resort, which means this facility’s modern comforts and rooftop pool lounge are even more relaxed and enjoyable.

Check some of the other benefits of booking a suite with this hotel.

Included Resort Perks

  • Rooftop Pool
  • Rooftop Terrace
  • Five-Star Restaurants
  • Lobby Bar
  • Rooftop Bar

Regardless of how you and your partner envision your honeymoon, there are plenty of luxurious locations to explore. Look over our list of the best affordable, all-inclusive resorts for your honeymoon and find a destination that fits you and your partner best.

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