The Benefits of Full-Service Wedding Planning

The Benefits of Full-Service Wedding Planning

I get countless inquires stating, “All I need is a partial or day-of planner.” Let’s clarify some things, shall we? First, a rock star wedding planner is going to save you time and money, guaranteed!

I’d like to take some time to explain the invaluable benefits of working with a full-service wedding planner.

Many brides know from the beginning that a planner is one of their wedding essentials. Whether due to guest count, complex decor plans, family dynamics, a demanding job or travel schedule, or simply a desire to focus on their relationship throughout a yearlong engagement, the reasons for engaging a planner are many—and all are valid! If you fall into any of these categories, you might still be wondering whether full-service or partial planning is right for you. Or, if you’re not convinced, you might be wondering if you can justify a planner at all, even for the month of! Spoiler alert: read through almost every online article regarding couples partial Planning vs. hiring a day-of planner.

How Budget Conscious Are You?

If the answer is “very,” your first impulse might be to look for a day-of coordinator because of the lower cost. However, a full-service planner can often save you the cost of their services, thanks to their industry knowledge and relationships. For example, two vendors may have very similar styles and packages. One is well-established and well-known; the other is very talented but still adding to their portfolio. Both are exceptionally talented, artistic, and amazing to work with. However, there is nearly a $3,000 difference in pricing between the two.

That savings is huge for your budget, but you aren’t likely to find the newer vendor on your own. Or, if you do find a newer vendor whose work you love, you might not be able to get a great read on their level of professionalism from an initial interview. Wedding planners spend a lot of time networking, developing relationships, and getting to know people before providing them as a referral. The vendors your planner will recommend are vetted and responsible.

Are You Easily Stressed?

Planning a wedding can be very emotional, and one of the biggest emotions you feel will be stress. If you are an easily stressed gal, wedding planning can be paralyzing. So many clients tell me that they started having nightmares during the planning stage. A full-service planner can help alleviate that stress by guiding you through the entire process. We will be your advocate and your biggest supporter.

How Organized Are You?

This is going to blow your mind. Ready? It takes roughly 450 hours to plan a wedding. That is 37.5 hours a month if you have a year-long engagement or about 10 hours per week. Add that to your 40-hour workweek, hobbies, date nights (because you have to have those to keep from going wedding crazy), school (many brides are pursuing careers, masters degrees, taking the bar, or prepping for their Mats while they are engaged), and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed.

I equate being a wedding planner/coordinator to being a project manager and implementations specialist. Each wedding has a project scope, budget, and deadline that need to be strictly adhered to. Not only does that take exceptional planning skills, but you need to be extremely organized, or things will inevitably fall through the cracks. If you struggle with organization, task management, or time management in your personal or professional life, you’ll struggle with it during wedding planning, too.

What Is Your Motivation for Hiring a Planner?

Are you only looking for help with logistics, or do you think you might want some guidance or opinions on the planning aspect, too? I tell my clients that full-service planning is for couples who want or need a lot of help, advice, and guidance.

Do You Have a Lot of Vendors in Mind Already?

One of the best things about having a full-service planner is the resources they can provide. It’s much easier to choose vendors when you have a narrower field of trusted options, and a planner can match you with a vendor based on budget, style, and the experience you’re looking for. Best of all, they will likely have good relationships with the vendors they recommend. Creating a dream team of vendors is key to helping your event run smoothly!

What Is the Vision for Your Wedding?

Do you plan on a very simple celebration, or do you have aspirations of a grand affair? The grander the décor and design of the wedding, the more planning is required. Additionally, if you have a plethora of items that you want to handcraft or source for your wedding, you will likely want help sooner or later with executing those projects and putting them into play on the big day. Gathering the perfect details is time-consuming and often expensive. Working with a planner who already has a collection of beautiful items can cut down on both time and expense.

Whether you are planning a local or destination wedding, the benefits of working with an experienced, well-connected wedding planner will be a godsend!

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Mike Winship

I’m Mike Winship, owner of Charleston Wedding Planner. For the last 18 years, my philosophy has remained the same, “Never Lose Focus of the Marriage While Planning Your Wedding.” What gives me joy is the ability to share my close relationships with local venues and vendors with our couples, creating an open forum to ensure an enjoyable, stress-free planning process. Our planning process aims to inspire, engage, relax, and create a Charleston, SC, wedding experience that is uniquely yours! Cookie-cutter isn’t in my vocabulary. I love to be challenged! P: 843-442-8599 E: [email protected]
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December 14, 2021

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