10 Must-Haves When Packing for a Destination Wedding

10 Must-Haves When Packing for a Destination Wedding

If you’re setting off to have the most romantic destination wedding getaway soon, there are a few essential items you need to pack for smooth travels. It can be overwhelming getting an itemized list together, so we’ve compiled a list of ten must-haves you need for your destination wedding.

Certified Copy of Birth Certificates

To certify and legalize your marriage outside of the States (and even in the States), you usually need a certified copy of your birth certificate. Make sure you and your partner travel with this document in a secure and easily accessible manner. These pieces of documentation are critical to ensuring that you fulfill the marriage legally. Make sure you bring any other required documents as well.

Marriage License

Your marriage license is another important document that you need to bring to officiate the wedding in the destination area. If you don’t want the hassle of bringing legal paperwork overseas, you can get legally married before leaving and having a symbolic wedding at the destination.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings may seem like a no-brainer, but with a massive list of important items that include your marriage license and birth certificate, it can be easy to forget the little things. It may be easier to keep the rings in their respective boxes and have the maid of honor or wedding coordinator keep hold of them if you don’t want to hold them. Alternatively, you can keep the rings in your carry-on or personal bag.


Without your passport, you won’t be able to enter and exit the country where your destination wedding is located. It’s important that you keep track of this document because if you lose it, you’ll find yourself in an unfavorable situation. Keep this piece of identifying information safely secured with your birth certificate copies.

Wedding Attire

Your wedding attire is important, as this is what you’ll be walking down the aisle in to marry your special person. Be sure to carry your wedding attire in garment bags to keep it free of debris, rips, or additional damage. Account for every aspect of your attire, such as your shoes and accessories.

Vendor Information

Having your vendor information on hand is important. Not only will it help keep you organized, but it’s also a great benefit to your wedding coordinator to know who to contact and what their role is in your wedding.

Your coordinator will be able to keep track of all the services and ensure that all the vendors know where to go. The coordinator will also be able to streamline any communication once they have access to the vendor information.

Wedding Planning Binder

Your wedding planning binder is essentially your wedding planning bible. If you haven’t done everything online, your planning binder holds a lot of important information. This can include your timeline for your coordinator, visuals for your decorator, a shot list for your photographer, envelopes with vendor payments, and more. This planner should always be with your coordinator. You can also provide copies for any other vendor or persons involved with your wedding day arrangements.

Emergency Kit

Life can be unpredictable, so you must stay prepared. The best way to stay prepared on your wedding day is to build an emergency kit that you can easily access for any inconvenience or misfortune that occurs on your wedding day. Here are a few items to consider for your emergency kit.

  • Stain remover
  • Pain medication
  • Safety pins
  • Makeup touch-up kit
  • Bobby pins
  • Sole inserts
  • Snacks
  • Feminine products
  • Extra earring backs

Wedding Gifts

If you’re providing gifts for your mother, partner, or bridal parties, it’s important that you bring those gifts. You can create special memories that you will all cherish for years to come by having their gifts ready on your wedding day!

Travel and Lodging Information

It’s essential to have your travel and lodging information on hand in the event of any mishaps or digital discrepancies. This would include plane tickets, hotel booking information, travel insurance, and more. Keep these documents in a safe place, preferably in your personal bag or carry-on.

Stay ahead of the game by being prepared. Don’t forget to consider this list when you begin packing for your big trip.

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July 25, 2022

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