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Styles of a DJ: Push/Play, Blending, & Scratching

As a bride or groom, be aware that whomever you hire as your wedding DJ will either make or break your wedding reception experience. DJing has a variety of styles, and as you choose your DJ for the big day, don’t forget to ask them about the DJing style they can provide.

Usually, DJs can mix music in three different ways: push/play, blending, & scratching. Let’s take a look at each of these styles in more detail.


The push/play method is the most common form of DJing used at wedding receptions. It’s simple and to the point. With this style, your wedding DJ will play songs back to back in the same way you would casually listen to music on a streaming service or on the radio. They will normally make announcements over the instrumental part of songs, or will take a brief pause between songs to make announcements that are short and to the point before cueing back up some music to play. This method can also be done in an automix format from your wedding DJ’s software. This is the best option if you prefer to listen to your favorite songs continuously throughout the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing portion of your wedding reception.


Seasoned DJs frequently use the blending method. With the blending method, beat-matching and pitch matching of the music plays a very integral part in the wedding reception. It’s a great way to keep the party going if you plan on having most of your friends (as well as yourself) on the dance for most of the night. The blending method is frequently used in nightclubs and often utilizes dance remixes of popular songs. With the blending method, you can create very cool transitions between songs to keep the dance floor packed and having fun! If you plan on bringing the club to your wedding reception, you should definitely hire a DJ that can blend music well.


The scratching method is rarely used anymore, but when done correctly, it can create more of a concert-like experience at your wedding reception. The scratching method is usually used by turntablists and DJs with prior experience with vinyl records. This method is DJing in its raw form. You will hear songs manipulated and changed in very cool ways that only your DJ knows how to do. Breaks and scratch routines are also very common within this complex method, and DJs frequently use hip-hop tracks when practicing this method. If you need a DJ who has that OG party rocker flair and can make your wedding reception into a classic hip-hop party with new school and old school vibes, the scratching method is for you.

Every wedding DJ has a different style that they prefer to use, and it is truly awesome to see how this service has evolved into being an essential part of weddings. The DJ is one of the most important vendors for your wedding, so hiring someone whose style and creativity match your wedding vision is crucial. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide which route you’d like to go when it comes to selecting your wedding DJ!

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Christopher "DJ iShine" Summers

Christopher “DJ iShine” Summers is a Wedding/Event DJ, Event Producer, and Owner of iShine Music Production – DJ. Based in Columbus, OH, and primarily servicing the OH wedding and events market, Summers has over 15 years of DJ experience as well as experience in hospitality and audio-visual and music production. His overall goal with iShine Music Production is to create great music experiences and be a part of memorable events with his clients. Professionalism, entertainment, and fun are his goals when it comes to your event. @djishinelive & @ishinemusicpro & @teamishinedjs
August 17, 2021

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