Something Borrowed: Pros & Cons of Renting Bridal Accessories

Something Borrowed: Pros & Cons of Renting Bridal Accessories

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, and as important as some of your bridal attire is, you don’t need to purchase everything. Depending on your preferences, you can rent some or all of the items you wear on your big day, including the dress, veil, shoes, and jewelry. Not sure which pieces to rent versus buy? Keep reading this bridal guide for the pros and cons of renting bridal accessories. 

Pro: You Save Money

Buying a new wedding dress often costs hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars, and that doesn’t even include alterations or accessories. That’s a lot of money you could spend on other wedding aspects, such as entertainment. Alternatively, if you choose to rent rather than buy, you could hold on to the spare cash and splurge on a romantic honeymoon with your partner.

If you have a fixed budget, decide what matters most. Would you rather rent attire or cut back on your venue price range? By knowing how to determine your top wedding priorities, you can spend your money in a way that helps ensure you get the most out of your special day.

Everyday Bride Tip

When renting bridal accessories, it’s important to note that you will be responsible for the piece while it’s in your care. If you accidentally damage the item, you may have to cover all repair fees. Talk about this with the rental company so you know exactly what to expect before signing any agreements.

Con: You Can’t Pass It Down

For some, wedding attire is incredibly sentimental, and specific pieces become family heirlooms. Some mothers pass their bridal gowns, veils, or jewelry pieces on to their children for their big days. Keep in mind that this is an option you miss out on when renting part or all of your attire.

Pro: No Wasted Storage

Although some may dream of passing their dresses down someday, that doesn’t always happen since styles change and everyone has their own preferences. By the time you have kids and they grow up, your dress may require a fair amount of alterations to be considered trendy again. Similarly, your child may not want to wear your dress, or it might not fit them.

Don’t buy a dress solely because you hope to pass it on to a future child. Preserving wedding gowns is expensive, and you’ll need to set aside space in your home to keep the box safe.

Con: There Are Fewer Options

You often have a smaller selection to choose from when you rent attire, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. If you rent from an online company, this can make things even more difficult since what you see on the screen is not always as the item appears—that goes for looks and sizing charts.

The more specific your definition is of the perfect dress, the harder it will be to find a rental that fits your dream. Remember, your scope is narrow for style andsize. You may find the ideal style but the wrong size, and since you can’t make alterations to rentals, the dress won’t work for your wedding.

Deciding Which Is Best

Remember that your happiness matters most as you consider the pros and cons of renting bridal accessories, so the best option depends on how you want to spend your money. Some brides-to-be dream about dress shopping long before they get engaged, while others are indifferent about their gowns. Moreover, this is not an all-or-nothing situation; you can rent some of your attire and purchase other items.

Opt for Both

Renting your dress may be out of the question, but you can borrow your shoes or jewelry. If you don’t know what you’d rather rent versus purchase, create lists with personal pros and cons for the dress, veil, jewelry, and shoes. You may conclude that while you want the sentiment of buying your dress, you are comfortable with renting the veil, shoes, and jewelry.

Borrow From Loved Ones

Some brides don’t like renting their wedding attire from a company since countless brides have already worn the items, making them feel less unique. If you plan to rent only an accessory or two, talk with loved ones to see if you could borrow those items from someone. Your aunt may own a dazzling necklace you can wear, and a close friend might have the perfect veil.

A Closing Note

We all know the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Take time to weigh the pros and cons of renting while evaluating how that fits into your big day. Saving money is almost always a pro, but the price should not solely determine your vision for a perfect wedding.

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April 17, 2023

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