Secondhand Wedding Gown: A Wedding Do or Don’t

Secondhand Wedding Gown: A Wedding Do or Don’t

Although the wedding dress industry is booming with designer wedding dresses and beautiful trends, a few newlyweds would rather go the secondhand route. Secondhand wedding dress shopping can be a rewarding experience and is relatively budget friendly.

There are many reasons why some decide on a secondhand wedding dress. It could be to get a classic style that is harder to find, to reduce material waste, to save money, or to keep a tradition alive. Whatever the case, you will look beautiful walking down the aisle in any dress. However, you should know the ropes before searching for a pre-owned wedding dress. Here are some dos and don’ts of purchasing a secondhand wedding gown.

Do: Keep Your Options Open

Before you search for a wedding dress, you should know that it takes time to find the dress of your dreams. While a lucky few find their dress within the first two boutique stops, it may take longer to say yes to the dress, which is why keeping your options open is essential.

When buying a preowned dress, it may be difficult to find the exact brand and style you’re looking for. But don’t worry—there are many fashionable ways to make your dress look more expensive and glamorous. Try to compromise with alternative styles or customize a pre-owned dress to your desired look. Don’t be afraid to order a dress online and bring it to an experienced dress tailor to customize it to your wants.

Don’t: Stress About Sizing

It’s best to remember that most secondhand wedding dresses have been altered to fit someone else’s body and that you can always cut away material, but it may be more difficult to add fabric. However, this doesn’t mean stressing out about sizing.

Yes, it may be more difficult to find the exact dress you want in your size when shopping for preloved clothing. When searching for a wedding dress, you want to compare the final altered measurements of the dress, your wedding dress size, and your casualwear size.

Knowing your size and measurements will help immensely during your search. The most important measurements to pay attention to are your bust, waist, and hips. We highly recommend having your measurements taken by a professional tailor or seamstress.

Do: Keep in Contact With the Seller

Unless you’re getting your preloved dress from a family member, keep in contact with the seller. Most brides selling their wedding dresses have a no refund policy, and it’s crucial that you know all the information about the dress itself and its whereabouts so there are no surprises or incidents.

Make sure your seller is not a scam by utilizing trusted pre-owned and reseller sites like StillWhite, NearlyNewlywed, and PreownedWeddingDress.

Don’t: Get Caught Up in Trends

You rarely find new and trendy secondhand dresses, so keep your options open and try your hardest to avoid getting caught up in trends. You may have fewer options regarding style since secondhand buying isn’t everyone’s first option. Aim for timeless wedding dresses and customize them to your desired wedding day look. This will help you save money in the long run!

Do: Find a Highly Skilled Dress Tailor

It’s crucial that you find a highly skilled wedding dress tailor. Wedding dress alterations don’t come cheap, so make it worthwhile and go with the best of the best. You want to hire someone experienced in working with wedding gowns and delicate fabrics. Skip the stress and pay extra for a seamless alteration experience.

We hope our secondhand wedding dress dos and don’ts help you with your shopping adventure. We promise everything will be okay, and you’ll look gorgeous on your big day. Ultimately, you will feel special on your wedding day knowing that you look twice as good and spent less.

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December 5, 2022

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