Rent, Buy, or DIY: A Guide To Sourcing Your Wedding Deco

Rent, Buy, or DIY: A Guide To Sourcing Your Wedding Decor

Nailing down your wedding vision can be a daunting task. We have inspiration coming to us daily. Pinterest, Instagram, TLC, and attending our loved one’s big day can all provide an outpouring of new, different, and trendy ideas on how to style your day.

With these fun decisions comes the dilemma of how and where to source beautiful pieces for your big day. After watching countless couples tackle these decisions, we’ve compiled a summarized cheat sheet for couples looking to decorate their big day.

Doing It Yourself (If It Sparks Joy)

There are so many less-than-glamorous moments to wedding planning—there are spreadsheets and budgets, guest list cuts, and more. Designing your space should be enjoyable! If creating 200 personalized wedding favors sounds like the perfect date night, then, by all means, go for it. However, if it is just another task burdening your growing to-do list, maybe it’s time to think of another route. Can you find something fun and affordable on Etsy? Do you have loved ones who would love to craft and are willing to help? Understand what your priorities are for your day, and don’t put effort into items that you don’t find exciting. Having the self-awareness to know what will spark joy and what won’t keeps the excitement of planning alive and help you avoid wedding planning burnout.

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Love It? Buy It!

Couples often purchase items that are only meant to be used on their wedding day. This might include champagne glasses, card boxes, cake knives, and stands, all clad with wedding-specific language that only makes sense to use at a wedding. You could go through the steps of selling the items to another couple and get some of your investment back—and plenty of couples go this route! However, buying more intentionally can be a beautiful, sentimental, and sustainable way to incorporate something more meaningful into your day. Did you register for a gorgeous cake stand that you received at a shower? Bring it! Do your parents or grandparents have a cake knife you could use? There is your something old and something borrowed. Do you have a favorite basket, crate, bowl, or vase that could double as a card box? Simple décor moments like this feel more personalized and authentic and are a great way to cut down on unnecessary spending.

It is important to mention that with both buying and DIYing, you are responsible for these items. And bringing your décor to the venue and home from your wedding can be a logistical nightmare without a proper plan. Each item needs to have a plan in place for how it is arriving, being unloaded, assembled, torn down, sent home, and eventually resold, regifted, or donated. This may be the most overlooked aspect of a wedding, and it is something to keep in mind with every project and idea you bring to life during your planning.

Renting—Logistically Easier, Sustainably Better

More often than not, renting is the most sustainable and logistically sound option for couples on their wedding day. After all is said and done with a DIY, you may not have saved enough to make the venture worth it; in fact, it can sometimes be cheaper to rent. Not having to worry about the logistics of storing your items before and after the wedding can be such a worthwhile investment, especially if you have to travel far to your wedding with said items.

Rent your candles through your florist, and they can place them during setup! Rent linens—you will have the most beautiful color and texture options that surpass anything you’ll find on Amazon, and they come to you already steamed and prepped! Depending on your vision, not all rentals are as cost-effective as buying or DIYing. In that case, I would recommend a mix of the three options. In the end, paying for the labor of your rental company or planner to handle your décor from start to finish is an expense that couples never regret making.

It is always worthwhile to do your research, understand what your local companies offer, and explore where you can save yourself heartache, time, and money. When thinking of how to source your pretty things, ask yourself what your top priority is. Would hand-making your wedding signage bring you joy? Go for it! Do you want a specific dusty mauve gauze runner from Etsy going down the head table? Love it! Does your local rental company have the dreamiest candle options you could rent for your centerpieces? Perfect!

At the end of the day, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your new spouse and a celebration of your love for one another. Simplifying the logistics and décor chaos of the day can help draw your attention away from managing the details to enjoying the moment together as a married couple, surrounded by those you love most!

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Emily Salomon

I graduated from Hope College in 2016 with degrees in Business Management and Religious Studies. I went on to become a Bridal Consultant at Spring Sweet, where I furthered my love for all things floral and bridal. I later worked in facilities and planning at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, where I fell in love with space and event design. I am passionate about bringing people together, curating beautiful spaces, and helping couples’ visions become a reality. Website: Instagram: @connollyhouseevents
December 14, 2021

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