Questions You Should Ask During Your Bridal Preview

Questions You Should Ask During Your Bridal Preview

The bridal preview is an important step in the wedding planning process. It allows the bride to formally meet her glam squad and plan out her day-of look. Meeting your glam squad can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re uncertain of what you’re looking for.

A skilled hair and makeup team of artists will allow one look that includes hair and makeup in the bridal preview. Then, time willing, they will be able to alter the look according to whether you like it or want to try something different. Keep these questions in your back pocket for the preview.

What Do You Suggest for a Start Time?

I can say from experience that it’s nice for brides to consider their glam squad when planning the day. Also, I find that most brides would like to cram at least ten services into two hours of work. God bless your little bride hearts, but our fingers do not work like that! You can help make the day run smoother if you give your makeup artist more time.

How Do You Handle Last-Minute Additions?

Believe me, adding cute, 80-year-old Grandma Carol for a makeup application is adorable, and we want nothing more than to say yes! We always try to schedule a buffer into the timeline for these specific reasons.

Do You Offer Airbrushing, or Are You Strictly Traditional Makeup Only?

This is a big question we always get! Airbrush is amazing, but the coverage might not be as full as you would like. So, layering it with traditional makeup or forgoing it altogether might be a better option for your complexion.

What Happens if I Ask for Something That You Don’t Know How To Do?

First, make sure you send pictures of what you’re looking for during the beginning emails you exchange with your glam squat. Bonus points if you send a picture of your face and hair in the state that it will be on the day of the bridal preview! We like to consider ourselves magicians, but sometimes our magic has limits.

If I get a request from a bride that is outside my wheelhouse, I will be completely upfront and honest. Usually, my response looks something like this, “Thank you so much for reaching out, but this is beyond my skill set. I can learn as much as I can if you would like to move forward with scheduling the bridal preview, or I can refer you to a different bridal team that is more experienced with this look.”

It’s really that simple. You want to trust your bridal team, but don’t give up on them so easily. Maybe they have never had the opportunity to step outside the box, and you would be giving them that opportunity.

What Happens if I Don’t Like My Bridal Preview?

Ok, let’s get really honest. You’ve done your research, looked at the reviews, gotten referrals, and Googled your heart out. You know who you’re dealing with—or at least have a general idea of their reputation. The bridal preview enables you to meet the artists so that they can give you a glimpse of their skills, and you can plan out the big day.

The actual service takes a backburner to meeting them and getting comfortable. If you’re not comfortable saying, “Hey, I’m not liking this lip color,” it’s a red flag. Your comfort level is the key ingredient. Lip colors and eyeshadows can be altered and changed. In fact, I fully expect to receive an email from each bride we work with on the day after her bridal preview, saying what they liked and what didn’t work. In fact, we encourage it!

In short, be vocal about what you like and don’t. Believe me—we’ve heard it all. Happy wedding planning!

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January 24, 2022

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