Preparing To Propose: A Quick Checklist for the Big Moment

Preparing To Propose: A Quick Checklist for the Big Moment

The thought of proposing creates a whirlwind of emotions since it’s as exciting as it is nerve-racking. Of course, it’s all worth it since it means spending the rest of your life with your favorite person. Use this quick checklist for planning the big moment to ensure your proposal is successful!

Talk With Your Partner

The thought of asking your partner if you can propose to them may sound a bit backward but hear us out. You two should discuss marriage and where you picture yourself years down the line to ensure you have the same goals. Your partner may not feel ready to settle down yet, or they may not like the idea of marriage.

Verifying that you’re on the same page keeps the proposal on a happy note and lessens the risk of a detrimental “no.” You can still surprise your partner when you pop that romantic question. Remember, healthy relationships are all about great communication.

Ask the Family for Approval

Next on our checklist for preparing for the big moment is to set up a date with your partner’s parents to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. While this tradition is outdated to some, most families view it as a sign of respect. Asking for the parents’ blessing also tightens those feelings of togetherness as you and your partner become one.

Go Ring Shopping

Think about what ring style your partner would like most. This means evaluating the following:

  • Metal types
  • Gemstones
  • Ring settings

If your partner is very particular, it may be best to go shopping together to ensure you buy the perfect ring. However, if making your proposal a surprise is a priority, ask one of their close friends or relatives to accompany you.

While shopping, remember that there are some key differences between wedding and engagement rings, specifically in style. Engagement rings typically have a center stone, but wedding rings don’t.

Ring Shopping Tip

Gold is one of the most popular materials because it comes in different colors. The most popular options for this metal are yellow, white, and rose gold. 

Have a Speech

While you don’t need a long, in-depth speech as we see in so many rom-coms, you should say more than “Will you marry me?” Think of why you love your partner or share a treasured memory. When did you realize they were your person? The more personal your words are, the more likely your partner will swoon with delight.

Once you know what you’ll say, jot it down and practice your speech a few times. For a second opinion, ask a friend to listen to you. If you ask for opinions, just make sure the people you ask are great at keeping a secret—you don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Plan the Perfect Time

We all define the ideal proposal time differently. Some of us want it in front of the family, but others prefer a private affair. You know your partner best and should follow what makes them comfortable. Also, think about where you’ll ask. Do the two of you have a favorite place or activity? For instance, if you two love hiking, plan a scenic adventure so you can pop the question.

As you decide on a time, set up a date with your partner several weeks in advance. We all have schedules, so waiting until the last minute could throw a wrench in things. Think of your proposal like a party—people need enough notice to set aside time for your event.

Proposing Tip

If you plan to ask friends or relatives to attend the proposal, give them a tentative date before talking with your partner so they block out the time. Then, once you’ve set things in motion with your soon-to-be fiancé, alert your audience of the time and date.

Have a Celebratory Plan

As you plan your proposal, decide what you’ll do after they say “yes.” Whether it’s a romantic dinner with your now fiancé or an engagement party is up to you. Consider the costs of each option and what the two of you would like most.

If you’re both highly family oriented and love big group events, then a party at a restaurant may be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re reserved or would rather save your money for a big wedding, go on a dinner date with just the two of you.

Take Plenty of Photos

Last but certainly not least, make sure you get plenty of photos. You may have a loved one tag along so they can snap some candid shots of the big event, but you could also hire a photographer. This is a monumental moment for your relationship, and getting caught up in all the thrilling emotions is easy. Pictures give you and your partner something to look at with a smile while planning the wedding and years down the line as you celebrate your years of marriage.

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February 2, 2023

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