One Month Before the Wedding: A Quick Checklist

One Month Before the Wedding: A Quick Checklist

What once seemed forever away is now only 30 days away, and it’s time to start the final countdown. It’s officially a month before your wedding, and there are a few responsibilities to take care of before setting down the big wedding planning binder. You’ve done most of the hard work, and most of the preparations left are confirmations and small details.

However, to ensure everything you have planned runs perfectly, here’s a quick checklist of things to do one month before the wedding.

Create a Seating Chart

You were wrong when you thought the madness of guest lists was over. Now, you need to make your seating chart. Beware—this is another crisis-management task, so do your best to seat yourself and your partner’s loved ones. Think about your venue’s floor plan, your seating ideas, and adding a unique seating element.

If you haven’t already, this is also a great time to decide whether to make or order your place cards!

Confirm and Pay Your Vendors in Full

Avoid awkward confrontations and unpaid balances, and pay your vendors in full a month before your wedding. It would be best to track your balance to ensure you pay them the right amount. If your vendor would prefer payments the day of, have their payments in individual envelopes and have a trusted friend handle the money.

Delegate Your Vendors’ Tips

While you have your vendors on your mind, it’s the perfect time to begin delegating tip envelopes. This is sometimes optional, and most people don’t tip those who own their businesses, such as florists, videographers, or photographers. However, it’s customary to tip servers, bartenders, stylists, DJs, and drivers. Be sure to have a few envelopes ready on your wedding day for distribution.

Schedule a Final Venue Walk-Through

If you can, schedule a final walk-through of the venue one month before your wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding, contact the venue for a video walk-through to polish the hard work you’ve been planning. Make sure you have the paperwork and bring a short list of questions you may have for the property manager.

During this meeting, you should finalize the floor plan, the wedding day itinerary, a setup list, and a final review of rented items. During the reception, this is also the perfect time to conclude who’s responsible for what. For example, who’s responsible for handling the gift table, and who’s accountable for curbing long toast speeches?

Double-Check Your Wedding Attire

You should schedule a final wedding attire fitting and hair and makeup trial a month before the wedding. This way, you can ensure everything fits comfortably and looks perfect for your big day. Remember to bring the appropriate undergarments to your fitting for a better visual.

When you attend your final hair and makeup trial, don’t forget to bring cosmetic items or accessories you want to wear on your wedding day. This will allow you to see the entire look as it would look before you walk down the aisle. To prevent sore feet and blisters, walk around the house a few times in your wedding shoes.

If you’re missing a few accessories, want to change your hair, or need to find better shoes, this is the best time to make final decisions.

Get Ready for Your Honeymoon

Although you’re counting down the days until your big day, you can also start counting down to your honeymoon! If you and your spouse have a trip planned after your wedding, now would be the best time to confirm all your arrangements. Once your trip is confirmed, you should begin ordering any last-minute clothing items and locate all your important travel documents.

Congratulations! You made it to the final month before the big day. You’ve waited so long, and after extensive planning and emotional ups and downs, you’re about to walk down the aisle. The hard part is over! Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment—you deserve it.

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March 30, 2023

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