Nontraditional Bridal Bouquets: 6 Unique Ideas To Try

Nontraditional Bridal Bouquets: 6 Unique Ideas To Try

Buying flowers for your wedding is expensive, and unlike some other decorations, you typically can’t reuse them. In most cases, flowers only last a week or two. However, some couples want their weddings to be unique and search out ways to keep things offbeat. If you prefer a nontraditional bridal bouquet, consider some of these unique ideas to try!

A Bouquet of Balloons

This is another great option with plenty of room for creativity. You can purchase small balloons if you want them to be the size of a traditional bouquet. Or you can walk down the aisle with a large array of balloons attached to a ribbon. Some brides even have heart-shaped balloons for a romantic look.

Brooch Bouquet

Rather than carry a large bouquet of flowers down the aisle, arrange various brooches on a foam ball. What’s great about this idea is that you can make it yourself or with your bridesmaids as a fun DIY craft before the wedding. This is a wonderful way to add a few pops of color, or you could tie it into the theme of your wedding.

Bridal Tip

This is a great idea for “something blue” at your wedding. First, search for a single blue brooch as a centerpiece in the bouquet. Or take things in another direction and see if there’s a family-owned brooch for your “something borrowed.” 

A Bundle of Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth? Make a bundle of candy with multicolored lollipops. Or use candy canes if your wedding is in winter. Your options are endless and depend on the style you’d prefer. Some brides make candy bouquets with packaged chocolates and hard candies, which look especially cute around Halloween; plus, that’ll give you a sweet treat later! Other brides walk down the aisle with a cotton candy bouquet.

Long and Colorful Feathers

An array of long, fluffy feathers looks vintage and can add some color. You can intermix long ostrich feathers with colorful peacock feathers or go to the craft store and purchase the color and shape you like. Some brides even buy floral-shaped feathers to arrange into a bouquet.

An Elegant Clutch

Keep all your necessities on hand—literally! Purchase a clutch that matches your dress or adds a pop of color to draw the eye. This is an excellent idea if you want to opt out of flowers because it’s a useful accessory. You can keep blotting paper, lipstick, and other supplies inside of it in case you need them before walking to your groom. You’ll also have tissues in case you tear up at the ceremony. Keep everything you need easy to access!

Bridal Tip

Tucking your phone into your clutch can be tempting, but consider avoiding this during the ceremony. It’ll become a distraction if you forget to silence it, and it goes off. You don’t need your phone, so tuck it somewhere safe until the reception.

Seasonal Ideas

If you want your item to revolve around the season, think about what’s most popular at that time of year. Usually, most of us associate spring with beautiful pops of color as the world “wakes up,” and while many relate flowers to springtime, it’s not your only bouquet option. Below, we’ve listed an idea for each season to help spark some inspiration:

  • Winter: Pine cones, crystals, and pine sprigs
  • Spring: An array of colorful, fake butterflies
  • Summer: A silk-and-bamboo handheld fan
  • Fall: Fake leaves, plastic pumpkins, and acorns

Think about what you like most and the venue of your wedding. For example, a parasol is another wonderful option for spring and summer weddings if they’re outside. Likewise, some winter brides have a fur muff because it looks especially great in those snowy outdoor photos.

Deciding Between the Many Options

As you look through the many nontraditional bridal bouquets, you’ll find countless unique ideas to try. Deciding on one may not be easy, especially if you love several options. For example, some brides intermix brooches with feathers and rhinestones for elegance and glam. Think about what would look best with your dress and the wedding theme so that everything ties together. Remember, your wedding is your day, so do what makes you happiest.

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June 16, 2022

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