Negotiating With Wedding Vendors: The Pros and Cons

Negotiating With Wedding Vendors: The Pros and Cons

When planning your wedding, don’t be afraid to ask potential vendors to negotiate the price. Dealing with vendors may seem intimidating, but we promise it’s not! Discussing costs and services may not be your strong suit, but it will be super helpful when planning your wedding budget and must-have items.

Negotiating with vendors could help you and your partner get more bang for your buck. The worst thing the vendor can say is no, and you can always go with another business. However, negotiating with vendors can draw out your process and bring other negative experiences to wedding planning. Here are a few pros and cons of negotiating with wedding vendors.

Pro: You May Be Able To Strike a Deal

There’s no harm in asking for deals or additional services, especially if you and the vendor are having a positive experience. Suppose the vendor likes your energy and is excited to work with you. In that case, they are more likely to give you custom solutions—this is where the act of balancing self-advocacy, confidence, and avoiding becoming obtrusive comes into play.

This is also the time not to be shy or ashamed! Millions of people marry each year, and most will say that negotiation is the way to go! Who doesn’t like a good deal? We recommend that you not lowball or pitch an unreasonable price. This could seem insulting to the vendors, especially if they’re well established. It’s always wise to research the average cost of your desired services to see if what you’re asking is practical.

Con: The Experience Can Be Disagreeable

If you and your vendor have a negative experience, negotiating a contract may be off-putting. Whether you’re working with a new or experienced vendor, when discussing packages or services, you should always be up front with your budget. This way, you can build a solid foundation for a beneficial experience for both parties, making wedding planning easier on your end and another happy customer on theirs.

However, if you’re working with a more difficult vendor, it can be hard to have an enjoyable experience, especially if their contract is vague. Try to find common ground and build from there. Learning how to appropriately negotiate the contract by asking targeted questions is the best way to get the most out of your experience. This way, although you’re working with a stubborn vendor, you’re still able to create wiggle room for negotiation.

Pro: You Can Explore More Packages

As stated before, building a solid foundation of trust and friendly conversation is the best way to have a good relationship with your vendor. The better the connection, the better the chance they’ll offer you a package. If you ask nicely, some vendors may throw you an additional service or discounted price for having a positive interaction.

For example, some vendors may have a minimum number of guests quota before considering extending their services. If you’ve expressed that you won’t be able to meet that quota but had a positive experience with the planning, they may upgrade your service or offer a discounted price.

Con: You Get an Undesired Answer

No matter how well you and the vendor get along, you should always be prepared to hear the word “no.” After all your research, you would think that you named the best bargain, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There could be several reasons why vendors can’t throw you a discount, and without a lengthy or personal explanation, you should take no for an answer.

The worst thing you could do is be too pushy or persistent after getting a final answer from the vendor. However, there’s always the option of compromising since many businesses within the wedding industry exist.

For example, suppose the bakery you wanted to get your wedding cake from is too expensive. In that case, you can always get your wedding cake from another bakery and purchase additional desserts from the original choice. This way, you will have a delicious dessert table and a gorgeous wedding cake for a lower price.

When discussing prices with your vendor, it may seem like you have to dance around asking them for the best deal. However, negotiating with wedding vendors can benefit you, your partner, and the professionals. Negotiation comes with skill and adequate research—not direct barter. Gain trust and balance between you and the coordinator and build from there.

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November 14, 2022

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