My Perfect Destination Wedding in Los Cabos!

My Perfect Destination Wedding in Los Cabos!

It was the summer of 2020 amidst a pandemic that changed the face of travel for so many destination wedding couples. Therefore, it was truly a breath of fresh air to hear from my lovely bride Jimena about her dream 2022 destination wedding plans. I met up with both Jimena and her mother, Claudia, for coffee and a relaxed discussion about her destination wedding vision for spring 2022. For Jimena, choosing a local venue was up too expensive, as she would need too many extras to create her dream wedding space at home.

But did Jimena want to DIY or work with a destination wedding specialist? In this case, she did a little of both. Jimena needed assistance in finding the perfect resort within a very specific time due to her work schedule. She chose mid-March for the wedding, which typically has the highest prices for travel. And Los Cabos, a beloved upscale resort area of Mexico, was also the destination of her choice, though it was a bit more expensive than other popular Mexico destinations.

Thus, Jimena was in need of an experienced destination wedding travel professional. And that is the one thing I encourage all couples to seek out when planning a destination wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions to your destination wedding travel expert, such as “Have you been to this destination before?” or “Do you have experience with this resort?” These questions are important to ask.

Group bookings involve detailed resort and destination knowledge, especially when working around a specific budget for your guests. Jimena wanted her group travel experience to be affordable and effortless. With guests coming from Canada, Mexico, and the US, working with a professional who had extensive travel knowledge was a real asset and necessity.

And of course, working with a resort that is attentive and dedicated is always a great help. Jimena’s wedding coordinator at the Riu Palace Los Cabos was efficient and professional. And she maintained complete control of Jimena’s wedding day events throughout the wedding planning process. Jimena felt a true sense of ease that everything was under control, which is something every bride desires for her special wedding day.  

Jimena goes on to say that she was privileged to have the wholehearted planning assistance of her mother. Her mother was so dedicated that she paid the utmost attention to all of Jimena’s dream wedding wishes. And Jimena lovingly expresses that she could not have planned her perfect wedding without her mom by her side. It was truly special to be a small part of their wedding vision.

Now, let’s delve into all the nitty-gritty wedding details is in order to paint a picture of Jimena’s picture-perfect wedding day.

Jimena only required a minimal number of wedding extras. For instance, there was no need to order additional flowers, as the resort flowers she ordered were absolutely beautiful. She could have planned a cocktail reception, but she was delighted to find that there was no need! Guests were able to meet up and mingle at the resort lobby bar, an open, spacious, and welcoming area. Many all-inclusive resorts are able to offer such a space, which is a real plus of planning a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort. 

Jimena chose the Riu Palace Los Cabos for her wedding nuptials, and she found the planners truly wonderful to work with. As I have also experienced in the past, they supplied all the vendors. They also offered a clear list of choices for cake, food, drinks, DJ options, dance floor options, centerpieces, linens, and other decorations. It was so nice that Jimena did not have to worry about the additional expense of hiring outside vendors. Everything was booked directly through the wedding coordinator at the resort. One of the many perks of having a destination wedding is that it allows you to make your wedding as affordable and easy as you wish.  

There was one splurge that Jimena truly felt was worth the extra time and money—the photographer. Jimena adds that this is one memory that lives on well beyond her wedding day. Finding a photographer that understood her style came from researching social media blogs. She chose Melissa Shelton Photography. Jimena clicked with Melissa right from the start, and she couldn’t be happier with the end result. And we can all attest that Jimena’s wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

The big takeaway from Jimena’s perspective is to do your homework when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. Speak to as many photographers as you can. Research different photographer portfolios to understand their general style and choose the one that fits your vision. This advice applies to videographers as well. Some photographers work in unison with a videographer, which can be ideal when you want to hire both. Lastly, Jimena advises that it pays to read the fine print before putting down a wedding deposit.  

Now, a year and a half later, the wedding festivities are complete, and Jimena recalls the satisfaction and thrill of having found the perfect tropical paradise for her wedding nuptials. Jimena’s favorite wedding memory is walking into her wedding reception with her newly betrothed lifelong soulmate in hand, surrounded by her beloved family and friends.

Jimena’s reception was as lovely as it was special. What could be more romantic than carefully placed lanterns adorning the palm trees and being surrounded by the deep blue sea and sands of Los Cabos? The entire event sparkled in the warm tropical Los Cabos evening. It provided the perfect backdrop and ambiance for a relaxed and special wedding reception. It truly was everything a bride could have imagined. Jimena warmly adds, “I could not have imagined this dreamlike setting at home.” And the best part is that she saved thousands of dollars by having her destination wedding abroad!

Jimena’s destination wedding lived up to and exceeded her expectations. Everyone involved in the planning knew what her vision was and helped make her dream wedding a reality. Jimena wants brides to consider a destination wedding if they are looking for a stress-free wedding. Not only is it less expensive, but in many respects, it can be even more beautiful.

And the best part is that a destination wedding provides you with some truly special pre- and post-wedding vacation time that you can enjoy with your beloved family and friends. Everyone came together to create the most special destination wedding for Jimena!

Liz Moore
Owner, Liz Moore Destination Weddings

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Riu Palace Los Cabos  

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Liz Moore

I love everything destination weddings! It’s coming up 17 years now that I have been involved in the destination wedding travel world. And it feels like a minute has gone by. Every couple brings something so unique and wonderful to the booking process. From a past resort they love, to the dream resort they have always hoped to marry at. It could be a couples very favourite destination or perhaps one their family holiday memories all come from. And It’s so much fun to experience the happiness my couples fee when they have found perfect resort. And so importantly I have been so lucky to have found a team of agents throughout North America who feel the same way, and live this job in the same way. Whether you are a Texas bride or a Vancouver Canada bride we have a dedicated agent ready to assist. I love everything destination weddings and can hardly wait to meet my next couple! All the best in love and travel, Liz Moore Liz Moore Destination Weddings. Website, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
April 20, 2022

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