Must-Know Tips for Planning a Second Wedding on a Budget

Must-Know Tips for Planning a Second Wedding on a Budget

It’s hard to top the excitement of a wedding, whether it’s your first time down the aisle or not. People remarry for various reasons. Weddings are expensive, and you have to decide where you’d prefer to spend most of your budget. Plus, money saved on the marriage can go toward a honeymoon or a new home. Make planning your second wedding easier with these budget-saving tips.

Carefully Evaluate Your Guest List

The more people you invite, the pricier your wedding becomes. You’ll have to cover additional plates and alcohol, then find a venue to accommodate your wedding size. Sit down with your partner and make an initial list of everyone you’d want to invite. Later, reevaluate the list and determine who you need there. If there are people who didn’t ask you to their wedding, cross them off. Likewise, if you have friends or relatives you only talk to once a year, you don’t need to invite them.

Aim to solely invite close friends and relatives to cherish your happy day. While your second wedding is as important as the first, most wedding planners agree that you don’t have to satisfy everyone the second time. Inviting your parents’ friends or estranged cousins you only exchange holiday cards with isn’t essential.

Bridal Tip

Another way to save money is to hold a private ceremony and invite friends and family for a small reception. Some couples have laid-back receptions at restaurants where they rent a room and invite guests to come and go throughout the night. The newlyweds may provide a few appetizers but allow guests to order food or drinks themselves. This also gives your guests more freedom to decide what they want to do.

Carefully Evaluate Dresses

It’s no secret that wedding dresses are expensive. You can still buy a beautiful, elaborate gown, but it doesn’t have to come from a bridal shop. If you want a ball gown, shop online or visit dress shops and browse all their options. Similarly, if you wish for a mermaid cut or a different dress style, shop for formal wear at stores such as Macy’s or Nordstrom.

Now’s also the time to get the color you want. White wedding gowns are a priority to most brides, but they come at a higher price. Instead, wear your favorite color and style to showcase bits of your personality.

DIY What You Can

Rather than hire a florist to craft perfect bouquet centerpieces for the table, gather your wedding party to help with your DIY centerpieces. Typically, you can cut back on the formality of the wedding and focus more on the family aspect. DIYing your decorations saves money and allows you to bond with your bridal party.

Ditch the Wedding Shower

Usually, couples have a wedding shower to ask for home essentials they don’t have. These can be countertop kitchen appliances like an air fryer, stand mixer, or other home essentials such as bedroom linens. Chances are, you already have all this, so there’s no need for a second one. Rather than rent space in a restaurant or hall, invite a few friends and relatives over for appetizers and drinks.

Bridal Tip

Simplify the party and save more money by making it a potluck. Create an online spreadsheet so guests can sign up to bring food, drinks, disposable cups, and plates. With everyone helping, you eliminate stress and avoid catering costs.

Skip the Cake

If you don’t want a wedding cake, ditch the expensive tradition of a three-tier cake. Instead, search for more affordable options, such as buying an array of cookies or purchasing cupcakes in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club.

Create a Budget Sheet

The best tip for planning a second wedding on a budget is to sit with your partner and decide where you can cut costs. Then, put all of this onto a spreadsheet to set your goal amounts and track expenses as they come.

A Final Note

Often, second weddings include children as two families become one. Think of ways to have a blended ceremony so your children can feel just as special. Weddings are about two families becoming one, and your second wedding is as important as the first. Take the time to plan your budget and sort out the details for a magical day. Enjoy your happily ever after!

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December 20, 2022

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