Last-Minute Wedding Appointments You Should Consider

Last-Minute Wedding Appointments You Should Consider

There’s a week left until the day you’ve been patiently (or maybe impatiently) waiting for all your life—it’s almost wedding time! Of course, you’ll need to do several last-minute wedding tasks, but be sure to also prioritize a few special things that are just for you during this time.

Purchasing Your Gift for Your Significant Other

If you and your significant other plan on exchanging gifts, try to brainstorm ideas months in advance. Even if you’ve had an idea for months, you may want to wait until the week before your wedding to purchase it. This gift could be anything from a special pair of earrings to a watch.

Purchasing Wedding Party Gifts

If you’re thinking of getting gifts for your bridal party and haven’t yet, now is the time to do so. This is a special way to thank each person for being such a special part of your wedding day. One idea is to give each bridesmaid matching earrings or necklaces that they can wear on your big day!

Purchasing Gifts for Your Mother or Father

Your mother, father, mother-in-law, and father-in-law are obviously a very special part of your wedding day. Neither you nor your fiancé would be here without them. You could buy your parents something sentimental or something they can wear on your wedding day, such as a handkerchief or perfume.

Deliver Welcome Baskets

If you have made welcome baskets for guests to receive when they check into their hotel room, deliver them to the hotel in the week leading up to your wedding. Make a list of names and give the hotel staff instructions when you pass off the gift baskets.

Get Your Nails Done

If new nails are a part of your wedding look, consider getting them done a couple of days before your wedding to ensure they are fresh. If your wedding is on a Saturday, Thursday would be time to schedule a nail appointment. Grab your mom, grandma, bridesmaids, and flower girl for a girl’s nail day!

Have a Facial

If a facial is something you enjoy, schedule your spa appointment at least a few days before the wedding. Only do this if you’ve had a facial in recent months and are used to them. We don’t recommend getting a facial if you’ve never had one before. A facial is the perfect way to relax during the week of your wedding.

Clean Up Your Eyebrows

Make an appointment to get your eyebrows cleaned up if you’d like. Do this a couple of days before the big day to ensure your skin doesn’t exhibit any redness on the day of your wedding.

Schedule a Spray Tan

As long as you’ve had a spray tan trial, you can schedule your spray tan at least three days before your wedding. This is one thing you do not want to get done any later, as it could rub off on your wedding dress.

Any appointments that involve a drastic change to your appearance, such as a haircut or coloring, Botox, or lip filler, should be done further in advance of your wedding day. You want to ensure you like your new hair color and can alter it if needed, which you can’t do if your wedding is in three days! Also, be sure to think about any gifts you may need to buy a week before your wedding. This will save you any last-minute scrambling.

Taking the time to schedule these appointments for the week of your wedding should allow you to relax before the biggest day of your life.

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