How To Select the Perfect Bridal Fragrance for Your Big Day

How To Select the Perfect Bridal Fragrance for Your Big Day

As you plan your bridal attire, you’ll think about how to style your hair and makeup, what shoes look best, and your wedding dress. When you first get engaged, you may not think about the perfume you’ll wear, but scent is powerful. Many of us attach specific scents to different memories, and you want to pick the perfect one on your big day.

You want everything to run smoothly at your wedding, and you may need some help deciding on the ideal perfume. Keep reading this guide on how to select the perfect bridal fragrance for your big day. With a bit of expert advice, you’ll ensure you wear your favorite fragrance when you tie the knot.

Why Bridal Perfume Matters

All five of our senses play a crucial role in how we experience things. For instance, one way to ensure a party atmosphere at your reception is by playing the appropriate music. Likewise, because of scent’s role, finding a scent that reflects your personality to wear as you make your way down the aisle is essential.

Many of us have a go-to fragrance we gravitate toward for body wash, lotion, and perfume. On your wedding day, you need to wear the perfect scent, which may mean ditching your daily favorite. Instead, many recommend wearing a new fragrance because your brain will associate it with your wedding day rather than intermix it with all the memories you’ve made so far.

How To Select the Perfect Bridal Fragrance for Your Big Day

Think About Scents You Prefer

Do you prefer citrus or floral scents? Both aromas smell quite different, and you don’t want to smell like something you don’t enjoy. Typically, perfumes fall into one of four main categories:

  • Floral
  • Fresh
  • Woody
  • Oriental

If you don’t usually wear perfume, go to the department store and check out the perfume counter. A perfumer can provide various perfume samples to help you decide which option smells best on you. As you narrow down your options, think about the fruits or flowers you like the smell of most to help narrow your choices. It would help if you also considered what scent of lotions and body wash you generally purchase to better understand the smells you prefer.

What Scents Does Your Partner Prefer?

You also need to think about the scent your partner likes since the two of you are a team, and collaboration starts now. Some couples even wear the same aroma to symbolize their union. Plus, fragrances wear differently on everyone, so you and your partner could choose the same one but smell slightly different.

If you decide to wear different scents, you should test how the two pair together so that you’re not surprised as you walk down the aisle. Spray a few samples on some paper and give it a quick sniff to determine whether the smells clash or blend well. Then, take the time you need to find the perfect perfume and cologne for the big day.

Buy Something New

Although you may feel attached to a fragrance you own, buying a new perfume for the wedding day is best. As we said earlier, finding a fresh scent allows you to relate it to your wedding. Buying something new is also important as it relates to the age of the perfume. As perfume ages, it won’t smell as strongly; it may get rancid and no longer smell as amazing as you remember.

How To Select the Perfect Bridal Fragrance for Your Big Day

Consider the Venue and Time of Year

Think about where you’ll get married and when the wedding will occur. Both factors, as well as what’s most popular, can play a role in which scent you choose.

Consider the Venue

Where you get married could also be a factor in deciding on your perfume. A fresh or citrus scent may work best if you get married by the ocean. Some couples say no to perfume and cologne and instead choose to fragrance the venue.

Scenting the Venue

When you use a scent at the venue rather than wear it, your wedding becomes even more interactive for guests. For example, lightly mist the air with candles of a chosen scent or spritz the area and table linens with your chosen perfume. You could even give the invitations and thank you notes a quick spray before sending them to guests.

Consider the Time of Year

You may generally wear floral perfumes but fall in love with a woody fragrance for your winter wedding. Additionally, most advise against wearing strongly scented perfumes in the summer since the heat can further intensify the smell; this may also impact how much you apply. Begin shopping for your scent at the start of the season in which your wedding will take place. Doing this helps you find the best option for that time of year.

Wear the Right Amount

A little perfume goes a long way, and you don’t want the groom smelling it from the altar as you begin your way down the aisle. However, it won’t smell like anything if you don’t apply enough. The goal is to achieve a perfect aroma so that the smell is noticeable but not overpowering.

Most perfume brands recommend applying at most three to four spritzes of the product, and it should last several hours. If you can’t tell whether you’ve applied the ideal amount, ask a bridesmaid for their honest opinion.

Layer Your Scents

If you can’t choose a single scent, look into how to layer perfumes so you can have a fabulous and unique aroma. Most recommend you take a scent class or collaborate with an expert so that you blend the right smells. Some brides want to create a custom scent that says something about their personality, while others choose to combine their favorite fragrances with their partner’s top picks.

As you do this, you should avoid being too narrow and ruling out specific scent groups before giving them a chance. While you may not care for fresh smells on their own, your perfect perfume could be a blend of fresh and floral scents. Take time to smell different perfumes and essential oils, then organize each according to what you like most.

Bridal Tip

Some perfume brands also offer custom options where you can blend two fragrances. This is an excellent option since smell experts will combine the appropriate amount of your choices to create your unique bridal perfume.

How To Select the Perfect Bridal Fragrance for Your Big Day

Try Shopping for Classic Perfumes

Sometimes, the classics are the way to go. If the specific brands you use aren’t cutting it, then check out some classic perfume brands such as:

  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Chloe
  • Armani
  • Chanel
  • L’Air Du Temps
  • Joy

These brands have remained popular because they smell great, and the fragrance lasts for a while. Choose a scent that will never go out of style so you can wear it for every anniversary and special date with your sweetheart.

Consider the Aesthetics of the Bottle

Although this may not be a priority to everyone, some brides want a bottle that looks aesthetic for the getting-ready photos. Remember that this shouldn’t be the only selling point, but it’s a fun bonus. Your photographer can stage some pictures with your accessories to ensure everything looks perfect.

Tips for Making the Perfume Last Longer

Now that you know how to select the perfect bridal fragrance for your big day, it’s time to make sure it lasts all day so that you don’t have to worry about reapplying. Also, ensure you avoid common perfume mistakes and smell great all day. We’ve listed some key tips below:

Moisturize First

Moisturizer is a fantastic product since it hydrates the skin. Many brides pay extra attention to their skin care routines before their weddings since makeup applies better to hydrated skin. Pack some unscented moisturizer for getting ready, then use it before adding your perfume. Oil-based lotions help ensure the fragrance lasts longer.

Know When To Apply

You shouldn’t apply your perfume first thing in the morning if you have an evening ceremony. Instead, wait until you’re ready to get your wedding dress on to apply perfume. First, moisturize your body and allow it to dry. Then, put your dress on after a few moments; you want the skin to be dry.

Apply It to the Right Spots

While you can apply your fragrance to your entire body, pay extra attention to your key areas, including your wrists and neck, as well as behind the ear and knee. These are some of your main pulse points, and applying perfume here will make it smell stronger throughout the day.

Bridal Tip

Another great way to ensure your perfume lasts all day is to spray a bit into your hair since the natural oils help make the fragrance last. Have your stylist add a spritz or two along with hair spray. Some women also add perfume to their brushes to comb it through their hair.

Consider Perfume Oils

Most perfume has an alcohol base, so it will evaporate and fade within two to three hours; on the other hand, perfume oils can last four to five hours. Also, oils are a great option for brides with sensitive skin. Perfume oil also does a better job of sticking to you, so rather than create a scented “bubble” around you, people will only catch a whiff once they get close enough.

Take Time To Decide on a Scent

Picking the perfect bridal perfume may be quick for some but a lengthier process for others, and that’s okay. We all have different preferences, and you don’t want to make a hasty decision. If you have difficulty deciding, try to get various samples, then wear them around the house. While you may love a particular perfume at first, it may give you a headache after extended wear. Once you’ve narrowed things down, you’ll find a scent to say “I do” to. Best of luck finding your bridal aroma!

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