How To Plan a Flowerless Wedding: 5 Budget-Conscious Ideas

How To Plan a Flowerless Wedding: 5 Budget-Conscious Ideas

In our society, flowers have many meanings, specifically at special events. Some parents present a bouquet to their child at graduation. Likewise, your partner may give you flowers just because they want to or for your anniversary. The vibrant colors look joyous, which makes us happy.

You may love flowers, or you may not. No matter how you feel about them, there’s no rule stating you need them at your wedding. Hiring a florist means tacking on another expense for your big day. Find out how to plan a flowerless wedding with our budget-conscious ideas!

Ignore Outsider Opinions

Some guests may be aghast that you won’t have flowers on your big day, but it’s yours. If you and your partner don’t want something, you shouldn’t feel pressured to have it.

Flowers are expensive, and no matter how much money you have to spend, you always have to allocate areas of the budget. Sometimes, setting aside cash for bouquets and other floral arrangements is out of the question; you’d rather spend your money on entertainment or amazing food. Nevertheless, it’s your money and your day, so spend it how you see fit.

Idea 1: Alternatives for Decorating

Often, couples use flowers for multiple aspects of the wedding. There are bouquets, boutonnieres, plus decor for the ceremony and reception spaces. After noting how much wedding flowers cost, you’ll realize all this can cost several hundred dollars. That’s money you could put toward other aspects of the wedding or your honeymoon.

Rather than use flowers as aisle markers at your wedding, some great alternatives include:

  • Artificial candles
  • Sculptures
  • Green life
  • Lanterns

To save money, you could reuse the decor you choose for the ceremony at the reception, just like many brides do with flowers. This allows you to get more use out of the decor you purchase or rent while saving money.

How To Plan a Flowerless Wedding: 5 Budget-Conscious Ideas

Everyday Bride Tip

We recommend artificial candles because if you or a guest bump into them, you don’t have to worry about a fire hazard.

Idea 2: Change Your Focal Points

Similar to opting for different decor, you could redirect your guests’ focal points. Many couples choose flowers for this because the vibrant colors draw the eye. Think of other things that can capture your guests’ attention so they feel amazed when they enter your venue.


No, we don’t mean silk flowers, though they are a great option; we mean decorative fabric! In venues with high ceilings, you can drape linen, sheer material, or another material to add personality to the space. Take a trip to your local craft store to analyze different colors and fabrics and decide what best aligns with your theme.

An Outstanding Arch

Here’s a way to incorporate silks into your decorating and ditch flowers! The ceremony arch always looks breathtaking. This is where you and your partner exchange your vows and where your photographer will snap many photos. Decorate your arch with one or a mix of the following:

  • Colorful silks
  • Greenery
  • Balloons
  • Fairy lights

Your options are endless, and it comes down to the style you like most. If you want something simple and contemporary, get a plain metal arch to decorate with lights. Alternatively, balloons create a fun and playful look. Style according to what you like most!

The Cake

What better way to capture the attention of friends and family than with an extravagant-looking cake? You could make this the primary detail guests see when they first enter the venue by setting it up on a pedestal near the entryway. If you have an extravagant or unique multilevel cake, this will also capture the guests’ attention.

Idea 3: Pick the Perfect Venue

With a beautiful venue, you won’t have to worry about adding flowers to decorate the space because it looks amazing. If you live in or around the Windy City, there are many picturesque wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs to consider. Regardless of where you live, some great venue types include:

  • Outdoor gardens
  • Beaches
  • Indoor oases

As you evaluate venue options, consider how that space will look without adding flowers for decoration.

Outdoor Gardens

Nature preserves and botanical gardens already have countless plants, so there’s no need to add. Keep the ceremony free of additional decor so everyone can focus on what matters most: you and your partner. You can use candles or vases with fairy lights as table centerpieces during the reception.


For some couples, getting married by a lake or ocean is a dream come true. Your venue is already breathtaking, so there’s typically little to no need to add flowers. Many couples who tie the knot oceanside have no aisle markers because the beauty of nature speaks for itself. If you want aisle markers, choose a popular alternative, such as tiki torches, floating candles, or lanterns.

Indoor Oases

Plenty of indoor venues like mansions and lofts have a natural charm. Some even have elegant chandeliers or large windows to showcase the outdoors. Rather than add flowers, let these elements speak for themselves to impress your guests.

Idea 4: Get Creative

Another budget-conscious idea for planning your flowerless wedding is to get creative. You could completely ditch the idea of bouquets or swap them out for an alternative. For instance, some brides carry a bundle of decorative feathers or a unique clutch.

A Flowerless Flower Girl

Typically, the flower girl is the youngest member of your wedding party, as most flower girls are 4- to 10-year-old children. This adorable kiddo walks the aisle alongside the ring bearer before you make your big debut.

A flower girl having anything other than flowers sounds odd to some since this is an age-old tradition. However, plenty of couples make substitute flowers as an alternative. Some great options for you to consider include having your flower girl:

  • Walk a dog
  • Blow bubbles
  • Drop silk petals
  • Hold balloons

If you choose to have a flower girl at your wedding, giving her something else to carry makes your special day more unique.

How To Plan a Flowerless Wedding: 5 Budget-Conscious Ideas

Everyday Bride Tip

Another cute and creative option is to have your flower girl and ring bearer carry a sign that says “Here comes the bride!” or anything you’d like to announce your arrival.

Idea 5: A Tip for Flower Lovers

If flowers make you happy, but the price is out of the question, there are ways you can get the best of both worlds. Silk flowers look beautiful but come at a great price. Plus, you can make the arrangements if you don’t want to spend money hiring out for the task.

Likewise, you could have real flower bouquets for the bridesmaids and then use the same flowers to decorate your reception space. If you have more tables than bouquets, split some arrangements for smaller centerpieces.

How To Plan a Flowerless Wedding: 5 Budget-Conscious Ideas

A Final Note

Whether you have flowers, don’t, or just put out a few is up to you. You’re the host of your wedding, so you decide how to decorate. While you can ask friends or family for advice, don’t let their opinions dictate your actions. You can have a beautifully decorated space without a single flower in sight. Happy wedding planning!

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April 18, 2023

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