How To Pick Out the Members of Your Wedding Party

How To Pick Out the Members of Your Wedding Party

There’s nothing more exciting than getting married, and every couple wants the people they love most to stand beside them at the altar. The members of your wedding party offer you the most support throughout the prenuptial journey and on your wedding day. Simplify the process of selecting these individuals with our tips on how to pick out members for your wedding party. 

Decide on a Wedding Party Size

Before you start creating proposal gifts for your wedding party, you need to talk with your partner about how many people you want standing up with you. The standard wedding party has about four people on each side, although this isn’t a firm rule.

You could determine your wedding party size based on how many people you invite to the wedding. For example, a smaller guest list would mean a smaller wedding party. Conversely, if you decide to have a large guest list, you may want to consider expanding the size of your wedding party accordingly.

Keep Sides Even

Aim to have the same number of people on each side of the wedding party. In a traditional wedding, this would mean four bridesmaids and four groomsmen. Generally, the wedding party walks down the aisle in pairs, so keeping sides even improves the visual aesthetic.  

Know Whom To Ask

Standing up at a wedding is a big deal, so you should never ask someone on a whim. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are there to support the couple, celebrate their relationship, and complete wedding chores. It’s best to ask people you know will be there for you no matter what, as they’ll prioritize your needs when it comes to planning.

Consider Family Members

Generally, couples ask their siblings to be in the wedding party for two reasons—tradition and closeness. Since weddings are about joining two families, asking your siblings or future siblings-in-law is only natural. Moreover, many people have close bonds with their siblings since they grew up together. If you have siblings, you likely share lifelong memories and understand one another in ways others may not.

Asking family members is traditional, but a couple does not have to do this. There are understandable reasons why a couple may not; for instance, some siblings aren’t close due to large age gaps or clashing personalities. You should never feel pressured to ask someone to be in your wedding, especially if you know they won’t provide the support you’ll need.

Ask Close Friends

Some friends are like family and stand by your side no matter what life throws your way. These could be individuals you grew up with, hung out with at college, or met at work. What’s most important is that you feel close to the person since the members of your wedding party should only be people you treasure.

If you’re on the fence about asking a friend to be in your wedding party, ask yourself how you’d feel if they asked you to be in theirs. Would you be excited or indifferent? Likewise, if you’d feel hurt being left out of your friend’s wedding party, the feeling is likely mutual, so you should probably ask them.

Appoint Key Roles

Another tip on how to pick out members of your wedding party is to evaluate each role, as you’ll also have to consider who will be your Maid of Honor and Best Man. While each individual will stand by you at the wedding, they all fill different positions and their responsibilities differ slightly.

The Maid of Honor and Best Man

The Maid of Honor and Best Man stand directly beside the bride and groom at the altar. These two offer the most assistance to the couple. For instance, the Maid of Honor helps bustle the bride’s gown and holds her flowers during the ceremony. She may also help the bride delegate responsibilities to fellow bridesmaids, give a toast at the wedding, and plan the bachelorette party.

Usually, the Best Man plans the bachelor party, helps the groom get ready the morning of the wedding, and holds the wedding rings. The Best Man and the Maid of Honor may also sign the couple’s marriage certificate as witnesses to the union.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The bridesmaids and groomsmen assist the couple with wedding planning whenever necessary. For example, if the bride is feeling stressed, a bridesmaid may take her out for a day of window shopping to help her relax. For brides, it’s important to note that asking for help when needed is a crucial way to avoid becoming a bridezilla.Bridesmaids and groomsmen can also assist with running errands and planning pre-wedding events.

A Final Note

As you begin planning your wedding, take the time to decide who you want to stand by you throughout the process. Members of your wedding party should be reliable, kind, supportive, and thoughtful. They should also be willing to take on various responsibilities and have a positive attitude. Remember, this is your special day, so choose the people who will make it even more memorable.

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