How To Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget: 6 Easy Ideas

How To Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget: 6 Easy Ideas

Weddings are expensive, and sometimes, it seems like the more you try to personalize them, the higher that price tag gets. When you plan a wedding, establishing a budget is one of the first things you need to do with your partner. And this becomes a challenge when you start comparing the price to those personal touches. This article will highlight how to personalize your wedding on a budget so you can create the perfect day without spending a fortune.

Tips for Saving

One of the first things you may wonder is how you can balance personalization with saving money. After all, the two don’t seem to go hand in hand. Many businesses charge extra for personal details, but you’ll get the best of both worlds if you do things right. Some great ways to personalize your wedding include:

  • Making your invitations
  • Deciding on the best venue
  • Carefully choosing wedding attire
  • Reimagining your menu
  • Thinking about your décor
  • Getting creative with favors

Doing these things helps you keep your spending to a minimum without sacrificing those bits of personality that make your wedding unique.

Make Your Invitations

Why spend a sizable portion of your budget on invitations when you can make them yourself? There are many benefits to making invitations for your wedding rather than buying them. And if you love crafts, this can be a fun activity to do with your partner or bridesmaids.

Not only is it making the invitations cheaper, but it also allows you to make unique invitations for your guests rather than choosing from a basic template. If you just got engaged, you can further save by creating the save the dates plus the invitations.

Bridal Tip

As you create your invitations and save the dates, consider crafting the program for your ceremony. This is a great way of showing guests the order of events for the day, and making it yourself allows it to look truly unique.

How To Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget: 6 Easy Ideas

Carefully Consider Your Venue

At first glance, the venue doesn’t sound like something that would impact personalization, but it’s a key component of this. Think about the types of places that are important to you and your partner. Consider the following questions:

  • Where was your first date? 
  • Where were you engaged? 
  • What do you like doing together?

Analyzing these details can help you decide the best place to tie the knot.

To keep things on a budget, say “no” to Saturday evening weddings and think about the time of year. Most couples get married in September or October, though June is another popular wedding month. However, weddings during popular months can become expensive.

Bridal Tip

Looking for another great way to save? Consider holding the event at a family home. For example, if you want an outdoor barn wedding and have a friend or relative who owns a farm, get married there. Plus, the space becomes more special and personal when a loved one owns it since you’ll know it’s not a run-of-the-mill wedding spot.

Change Up Wedding Attire

What you wear to your wedding can showcase a lot about your personality. For example, mermaid dresses look flirty, while ballgowns appear romantic. Every dress style says something different, and the one you say yes to will look like the designer made it just for you.

The problem is that wedding attire comes with a high price tag; the dress alone can cost a couple of thousand dollars, and that’s without alterations. After that, you’ll need to buy shoes, a veil, and some accessories to ensure you look perfect. But you don’t have to purchase everything brand new. Investigate used and sample dresses, as both options still cost less than a new dress. To make it appear more personal, search for crucial features you love, like a specific neckline or dress style.

DIY the Shoes

Rather than buy bridal heels, shop for a regular pair of high heels or shoes at the store, then go to the craft store to buy all the add-ons. This way, you’ll have your dream shoes without overpaying, and you can look and feel great on your special day.

DIY the Veil

Your veil is another wedding item you should DIY because buying one is expensive, but they aren’t too difficult to make yourself. Add more personal flair to your wedding outfit by DIYing your veil. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but it’s also 100 percent unique to you.

How To Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget: 6 Easy Ideas

Think About the Menu

The wedding menu has several smaller menus, including:

  • Cocktail hors d’oeuvres
  • The main meal
  • Your drink menu
  • Your sweet dessert(s)

While most couples want to serve their favorite dishes, this can become expensive depending on the type of food. For instance, offering steak at a sit-down dinner becomes costly. Jot down the types of food you and your partner most want to be served, then analyze the prices of these options. You may also want to consider swapping out that sit-down dinner for a buffet so you can get personal with the type of food and still serve items you love.

Carefully Consider Your Dessert Options

Some of us love cake, but a wedding cake gets expensive, especially when you choose one with a complicated design. We understand why this is so tempting for couples—the cake can show bits of your personality. Not to mention, a beautiful cake is the perfect piece of décor on the big day! But when you need ways to save money, this is one area to cut down.

Rather than risk this blow to the budget, consider a cake-like alternative like cupcakes or cake pops! Often, this costs less than a cake and can give you more freedom to choose multiple flavors or frosting colors, making it easier to personalize your wedding on a budget.

Bridal Tip

You could also ditch cake altogether, as alternatives like cookies or brownies may cost even less. Plus, if one of these sweet treats is your favorite, it’s the best way to make your big day truly about you!

Reevaluate Your Décor

Some brides spend a lot of their budget decorating the venue, and some items can get expensive. Before buying decorations for your wedding, evaluate what you can reuse from the engagement party or bridal shower. You can reuse some of the signs and frames you had. Now’s also the time to see what decorations you can make yourself; while it may take more time, it looks unique and will save you money. Aim to repurpose items you own, like used wine bottles as vases or frames for centerpieces.

Ditch Floral Centerpieces

Many couples have beautiful floral arrangements at the center of each table, and all those flowers aren’t cheap. Replace this common choice with a budget-savvy option like candles, lanterns, glassware, or something else. The list could go on because there are all sorts of non-floral wedding centerpieces to choose from!

Think about the theme of your wedding and what materials would best accent it. For example, for a vintage wedding, consider placing large ostrich feathers in bottles and placing fairy lights or crystals around them.

Add Photos

Decorate with some personal photographs of all the incredible adventures you and your partner have gone on so far. This is fun for guests to look at, comes at a low cost, and gives you something to decorate your home with after the celebration ends.

How To Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget: 6 Easy Ideas

Make Your Wedding Favors

Some couples give out wedding favors while others do welcome boxes, and the one you decide on is optional. One great way to save on this is by making it yourself. As you consider making your wedding welcome gift, consider the following ideas:

  • Snack pack
  • Hangover kit
  • Favorite drink(s)

If you’d prefer to give your guests a wedding favor, some ideas include:

  • Sweet treats to take home
  • Customized shot glasses
  • Seed paper to plant

Think about which option best reflects the overall theme of your wedding, plus which option says “you” the most. If you love the outdoors and regularly hike with your partner, seed paper is a perfect favor that gives back to the earth.

A Bonus Option: Create Playlists

If you hire a DJ for your wedding, request a few songs to play during the reception that you and your partner love. This allows you to share your musical taste with everyone and add subtle personal touches that only you and your partner may know. Plus, this likely won’t cost anything since you’ve already hired the DJ to play music throughout the reception.

Why Personalization Matters

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about personalizing your wedding, but why does that matter? Adding unique touches makes the day about you, and the best ways to do that are by deciding on the right venue, offering your favorite foods, and more. It makes the experience unique for everyone and gives you the control you deserve over the party of a lifetime.

Avoid an Overly Tight Budget

While saving money is great, you don’t want to go overboard, as this can create hurdles for your wedding. Decide on areas where you can save and others where you’ll spend money more freely. For example, consider saving on invitations and centerpieces so you can splurge on the dress and your venue.

A Closing Note

You define perfection, and your wedding day reflects two people—you and your partner—and the love shared. There are various ways to personalize your big day while also keeping spending on track. By following these tips, you can secure the wedding you’ve always envisioned for yourself without overspending. Happy wedding planning!

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