Fun Ways To Bond With Your Bridal Party Before the Wedding

Fun Ways To Bond With Your Bridal Party Before the Wedding

Having fun with your bridesmaids well before the wedding gives everyone time to get to know one another. The good news is, they already have one thing in common—their love and support for you! When you introduce everyone to one another and spend quality time together, you can all laugh and soak up every moment on the wedding day as you get ready. Help your besties get to know one another with these fun ways to bond with your bridal party before the wedding. 

Have a Dinner Party

One wonderful way to introduce all your bridesmaids to one another is to host a dinner party at your home. While going to a restaurant may be easier, there are more restrictions on what you can do and how much time you spend there. Plus, hosting everyone at your house adds a layer of comfort and makes it more relaxing for your bridesmaids.

You can take some of the hosting pressure off yourself by making it a potluck—this also creates talking points for everyone. Most people love food, and your bridesmaids can discuss what everyone brought and compliment tasty dishes. This allows for an extra layer of comradery at your dinner party.

Everyday Bride Tip

Some of your bridesmaids may live out of town, so they won’t be able to make it to the dinner party. However, this doesn’t mean they should feel excluded. Encourage these friends to join via FaceTime, Google Duo, and other video chat platforms.

Food & Drink Crawl

Once you’ve formally introduced everyone, it’s time to schedule extra bonding time! Eating and drinking are often social experiences, so search for local dining or drink crawls that your group can do. Schedule a night with the group where you all go to a range of restaurants for different courses and beverages. You can include everyone in decision-making by having one bridesmaid pick a spot for drinks, one for appetizers, one for the main course, and so forth.

Another way to boost inclusivity is to split the food and drink crawls into a monthly bonding experience. For example, one month, you could all go wine tasting; the next, you could go out for small plates, then search out local cafés the following month. Rotating out who decides where you’ll go allows all your bridesmaids to feel included and brings everyone to their favorite restaurant.

Group Sleepover

No matter what anyone says, you’re never too old for a slumber party with your besties! You could enjoy your favorite snacks and watch a movie in your coziest pajamas. You could also do face and hair masks to decompress while enjoying your time together. Bonus points if you wear matching PJs or robes.

Go on a Vacation

Another fun way to bond with your bridal party before the wedding is at your bachelorette celebration. We say “celebration” rather than “party” because it doesn’t have to last for just one day—many brides-to-be plan group trips with their squad. The type of trip you go on depends on your interests, but some ideas include:

  • Camping—perfect for adventurous groups.
  • Spa trip—ideal for decompressing while connecting.
  • Beach getaway—wonderful for relaxing and getting outside.

A key tip for planning a destination bachelorette party is to include all your bridesmaids in the conversation and remain mindful of everyone’s budget. Standing up in a wedding is expensive. Expecting your friends to front the bill for a pricey trip can leave some feeling frustrated rather than excited about bonding.

Make Group Chats

Keeping in contact with one another is vital since communication is the foundation of every relationship. Create a group text so all of you can interact with one another, ask questions, and share the occasional funny photo.

Sometimes, group texts can get a bit out of hand, especially when only two or three of the many members are conversing. Establish courtesy rules with your bridesmaids so no one has messages blowing up their phones.

A Closing Note

Spending time with your bridesmaids before the wedding is a great way to decompress as you juggle planning responsibilities. Plus, this allows everyone to feel more comfortable with one another and have a blast celebrating at your big day. Schedule as much bonding time as necessary with your squad so you can all make incredible memories.

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May 9, 2023

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