Fresh Ideas for Flower Girls: 8 Alternatives to Baskets

Fresh Ideas for Flower Girls: 8 Alternatives to Baskets

A wedding includes a lot of key members. Aside from your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you’ve got your parents, a ring bearer, and the flower girl! While her title is “flower girl,” she doesn’t have to sprinkle petals down the aisle if that’s not your style. We’ve listed some fun alternatives to baskets for couples searching out fresh ideas for flower girls. Get inspired with amazing wedding ideas!

Fresh Ideas for Flower Girls: 8 Alternatives to Baskets

Reasons Weddings Have Flower Girls

Many couples choose all sorts of wedding traditions to follow. For starters, most brides wear a white or off-white dress, everyone enjoys a dessert, there’s a bouquet toss at the reception, etc. Another common part of a traditional wedding is having a flower girl and ring bearer. But what’s the point of a flower girl? Why would couples want someone tossing flower petals along the aisle?

Flower girls date back to an ancient tradition in Rome where a child would sprinkle herbs or wheat along the aisle. This represented fertility to bless the couple with their children. In some cultures and periods, the flower girl represented a young version of the bride. This is one reason her adorable gown is the only other white dress present at a wedding. Weddings are a beautiful ceremony representing the next step in life as two people join in a beautiful union.

Fresh Ideas for Flower Girls: 8 Alternatives to Baskets

8 Fun Alternative Options to Baskets

Typically, couples have the flower girl carry a basket of petals to sprinkle down the aisle, but this isn’t your only choice. Most modern weddings are about finding ways to make your big day stand out, so consider some of the ideas we’ve listed below:

  • Hand out flowers
  • Give her a parasol
  • Blow bubbles
  • Hold balloons
  • Carry a sign
  • Hold your train
  • Carry a lantern
  • Walk your pet

These ideas stand out for different reasons and best fit into different wedding themes. Think about your style and venue as you decide on your ideal alternative.

Hand Out Flowers

If you want to create a fun and interactive experience for guests, give your flower girl a handful of stemmed flowers and tell her to hand them out to people as she walks down the aisle. Alternatively, you could have her solely hand flowers to the immediate family members.

Bridal Tip

Rather than hand out flowers, you could also have your flower girl carry a pomander or floral wand as she makes her way down the aisle.

Give Her a Parasol

Some couples do away with flowers and have their precious flower girl walk with a parasol. This is especially perfect for an outdoor wedding in late spring or summer when the sun usually feels the warmest. A parasol is also an adorable keepsake that she can treasure for years to come.

Blow Bubbles

This is a fun option that many couples use, and you can go about it in two different ways. Depending on your flower girl’s age, you could have her blow the bubbles as she walks or give her a bubble gun to shoot. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s sure to make for fabulous pictures as you make your debut down the aisle after her.

Hold a Balloon

Balloons look great in wedding photos, and if your wedding has color themes, this is a great way to sneak that in. Many couples use heart-shaped balloons because they add to the romantic atmosphere. If you decide on this idea, keep in mind that you may need to tie the ribbon around her wrist or use fake reusable balloons. You don’t want it to float away if she loses her grip in the excitement.

Carry a Sign

A monogrammed sign can be a great way to announce your entrance. You can customize the shape and what’s written on the sign, which could be a perfect keepsake for you and your partner. While some couples use a small chalkboard as a sign, others have wooden hearts with a design carved into them.

Hold Your Train

While the flower girl typically walks before the bride, this isn’t always the case. In some traditions, she walks behind the bride to carry her train and keep it looking perfect. This is a great option if you love following wedding rituals but don’t want your flower girl carrying flowers.

Carry a Lantern

Evening weddings are beautiful, but sometimes, you need a bit of extra light. Have your flower girl illuminate the aisle with a lantern lit with a fake candle or lights. We recommend an artificial light because flower girls are often 3–8 years old, and it’s always best to prioritize safety.

Walk a Pet

If you and your partner have a beloved pet, the thought of leaving them out of your wedding can feel heartbreaking. But some pets won’t walk down the aisle alone. Have your flower girl lead your furry baby down the aisle so you can ensure everyone you love—even four-legged family members—stands by your side at the altar.

Bridal Tip

When it comes to furry wedding guests, most couples have dogs and sometimes cats. Make sure you introduce the flower girl to your pet before the ceremony. Additionally, your pup may need some training, and a feline may need to learn how to walk on a leash.

Bonus Ideas

If none of these seem like they’d fit into your wedding, don’t fret; we’ve got a few bonus ideas to give you some inspiration! Some brides give the flower girl a small bouquet. This option is especially adorable if you love the tradition of your flower girl representing your childhood innocence since she’ll look even more like a mini-you.

You could also have her sprinkle the aisle with something that pairs with the current season. For example, she could place leaves along the aisle in fall, and in winter, some couples have flower girls put down pine cones. Similarly, if you get married at a beach, you could have her put down some seashells that you and your partner collected along the ocean.

Tips for Picking a Flower Girl

Some couples know exactly which little girl to ask as they plan their wedding, but others have a hard time. While there are no rules, most flower girls are 3–8 years old. Of course, you can always pick someone younger, but they may need help; similarly, you could select someone older.

Proposing to Your Flower Girl

You’ll need to ask your flower girl to be a part of your ceremony just like you will with your bridesmaids. There are various ways to propose to your flower girl. The way you ask your flower girl to stand by your side depends on how old she is and how close you are to one another. Sometimes, blended families include children in the bridal party while other young couples have nieces to ask. You could gift her a necklace or doll or spend the day together.

Bridal Tip

Before you pop the question to your precious flower girl, talk with her parents. You’ll need their permission since they have to front the bill for her dress and other wedding expenses. The last thing you want is to leave a child feeling disappointed if their parents say no.

The Bottom Line

The fresh idea for flower girls you decide to use depends on which alternative to baskets you like the most. Keep in mind that it’s always best to choose something that this special kiddo can do with ease. While you may want her to walk your pup down the aisle, this task may be too hard for a three-year-old. Your flower girl is a member of your wedding party, and what’s most important is that everyone has a blast celebrating the love between you and your partner. 

Fresh Ideas for Flower Girls: 8 Alternatives to Baskets
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