4 Ways To Incorporate Vintage Items Into Your Wedding

4 Ways To Incorporate Vintage Items Into Your Wedding

While clean lines and contemporary weddings are gorgeous, it’s something about vintage-style weddings that catches your eye. You can interpret vintage styles in various ways from different decades and make them into your blissful wedding wonderland. You choose from the glitz and glam of the roaring 20s, the chic boho vibes from the 60s, or the groovy feel from the 70s.

You can even grab inspiration from distant centuries such as the romantic Victorian era or the grand Renaissance. With a little research and inspiration, you can add vintage details to your wedding and reception, from the décor to the fashion to the color palettes.

If you’re planning a vintage-style wedding or trying to decide what vintage item to mix with your “something new,” here are four ways you can incorporate vintage items into your wedding.

Consider the Lighting

When it comes to weddings, it’s all about the small details. If you’re anything like our team members at Everyday Bride, you’ll want everything to match perfectly with your theme, from cakes to flowers to invitations. If you’re planning a vintage-style wedding, you should consider the lighting. After choosing which period you want to grab inspiration from, you can select your lighting decorations or methods to match.

You can light your wedding or reception with antique gold candelabras or vintage candle holders for a romantic and timeless look. Or, if you’re feeling groovy, you can decorate the reception with string lighting and disco balls. Get fun and creative with your lighting to add more character to the small details. There’s nothing more satisfying than having the perfect lighting to set the mood.

Add a Vintage Photo Booth

Photos are timeless pieces of art and memorabilia. You and your guests will be able to reflect on these pictures and think about how much fun you had on your wedding day for years to come. Incorporating vintage photography into your wedding is more than adding a sepia filter with a couple of props—it’s an experience. Capture one of your greatest nights with romantic photography.

Photo booths are one of the greatest entertainment spaces at a wedding. Fortunately, you can incorporate vintage styles in many ways using a photo booth. Your guests will love taking pictures using this vintage method of photography. You can also provide polaroid cameras for your 80s-themed wedding to allow your guest to take candid photos of each other, or you can hire a professional photographer specializing in traditional photography styles.

Ride Away in a Classic Car

One of the best and most elegant ways to incorporate vintage styles into your wedding is by riding away in a classic car. A vintage car is an excellent addition to a wedding celebration because this is the perfect time to make a statement and captivate beauty, elegance, and rarity, whether you’re riding away in a Rolls Royce or embracing your inner royalty in a Daimler limousine.

When searching for the best vintage car, you’ll want to consider your wedding’s overall theme, venue, and budget. It’s best to work with a trustworthy limousine or rental car service. If you’re worried about driving the vintage car yourself, don’t worry! Inquire about hiring a driver to transport you to and from the wedding and reception.

Adorn the Reception With Vintage Furnishings

Adding vintage furniture and decorative spaces can transform your wedding from contemporary to vintage. Give your guests plenty of room to enjoy each other’s company by creating designated lounge areas filled with retro seating and furnishing. The best part about decorating with vintage pieces is that you can most likely find your desired details in a thrift store!

Take a trip to your local thrift shops to find small detailing such as accessories, chairs, sofas, glasses, and more to incorporate a vintage feel without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised how many gems you can run across in a thrift store.

Mixing the old with the new is a great way to balance and incorporate vintage accents while adding character and personality to your wedding. No matter which era you choose to grab inspiration from, you can create a glamorous space just for you and your partner.

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September 29, 2022

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