4 Things Wedding Guests Won’t Care About at Your Wedding

4 Things Wedding Guests Won’t Care About at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding requires months of hard work, and getting hung up on all those little details is easy. No couple wants to overlook a single thing as this could mean sacrificing the perfect day, but you can’t focus on every single thing.

Trying to make everything perfect is impossible, and achieving it takes more time than you have, not to mention that high price tag! Keep reading this wedding guide and jot down the things your wedding guests don’t care about on your special day so you can prioritize what matters.

4 Things Wedding Guests Won’t Care About at Your Wedding

4 Things Guests Don’t Care About

As you plan your wedding, there are a few things that you may assume matter a lot more than they really do. This includes:

  • Invitations
  • Dessert options
  • Bouquet and garter toss
  • Wedding favors

Although these items matter to a certain extent, many of them will not make or break the perfect day in the eyes of your guests. We’ve further detailed each of these items and explained why they shouldn’t make the top of your wedding to-do list.


Your invitations should have a few crucial pieces of information:

  • Location of the ceremony and reception
  • Dress attire
  • Start and end time of the wedding
  • Main course options
  • Contact information
  • RSVP date

You don’t need to search out the cutest template or fanciest font options. Instead, decide on an invitation template that’s easy to read so guests can get the information they need. You don’t want them calling you or your bridal party requesting the listed info because they couldn’t find it on the invite. Although you can add it, a photo of you and your partner isn’t necessary.

At the end of the day, all guests care about is that they can find the information they need to know; most people won’t keep the invite after the wedding, so there’s no need to make it appear flashy.

Bridal Tip

Most guests don’t care much about the wedding program, like wedding invitations. Some couples don’t even have a schedule, and printing them gets expensive if you invite many guests. Rather than hand out programs, detail information such as wedding party members, how the couple met, and other information on your wedding website.

The Chosen Dessert

While it’s hard to top wedding cake, at the end of the day, guests don’t care what dessert you offer so long as there’s something sweet for them to enjoy. If you don’t like cake, serve an alternative option like cookies, ice cream, or brownies, or have a sweets buffet. It’s more important that you serve desserts that reflect what you and your partner love and that taste amazing.

Bridal Tip

It’s always best to have a variety of desserts available for guests to choose from so no one feels limited on what they choose. Giving guests choices improves their experience and helps ensure everyone can enjoy a treat they love!

Bouquet and Garter Toss

The bouquet and garter tosses are fun parts of the reception, but guests won’t bat an eye if you leave both traditions out. Neither adds much to the reception, especially if you have a great DJ who keeps guests active on the dance floor.

Wedding Favors

Although you should give guests a wedding favor, the gift you decide on doesn’t matter. Some couples give out tree ornaments for a winter wedding, while others gift monogrammed ice cream scoopers in summer. You can also give guests cookies or candy to take home. They don’t care what the favor is because this form of gift giving is all about the couple showing appreciation toward their guests.

Bridal Tip

It can be easy to get away with all the adorable wedding gifts you’ll find online, but you should remember your budget. Guests care more about the main course and entertainment than the favor, so properly allocate your money.

4 Things Wedding Guests Won’t Care About at Your Wedding

3 Things Guests Care About

Although there are various things guests don’t care much about, it’s just as important for the couple to know areas they should emphasize. Most event planners’ advice focuses on:

  • Food and drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Ceremony space

A wedding is an experience for everyone, and you want to throw the party everyone will rave about for years to come. For this to happen, you need to give guests a great time.

Amazing Food and Drinks

Food isn’t something you want to skimp out on. If you serve bad food, your guests may leave feeling hungry, and without tasty food to give them energy, you may not find them celebrating on the dance floor. The same goes for your drink options. Don’t serve cheap alcohol; if you can afford it, avoid having a cash bar. Nobody wants to spend extra money on drinks when they’ve already spent a fair deal on your wedding gift.

Fun Entertainment

The right DJ can get the party going when the dance floor opens. Strive to find an entertainer who can play different music for every age group. A great DJ will play a few party songs to get people excited as well as slow songs so other couples can enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Your Venue

Chances are that picking the perfect venue is a top priority for you and your partner. This is one guests are likely to inspect more closely. Typically, friends and family want to feel wowed when stepping into your venue. And this means choosing the ideal location plus decorating appropriately.

Also, consider whether you need to make accommodations for guests. Determine how easy it is for everyone to get to the venue—you may need to offer a shuttle if the ceremony and reception are in different areas. Similarly, you’ll need to think about the floor layout for the ceremony and dining so guests don’t feel squished together. You could have the most beautiful venue, but if your guests are easily lost or feel uncomfortable, they may not have the best experience.

Bridal Tip

Knowing how to choose the ideal venue often sounds much easier than it is because you have to consider the guest limit, budget, location, and vision. You’ll also need to determine whether you want to have a destination wedding or keep things local.

4 Things Wedding Guests Won’t Care About at Your Wedding

3 Things in the Middle

A few areas of the wedding matter to an extent, but they shouldn’t take top priority. For example, you want to wear a dress that impresses everyone, but the dress you wear doesn’t impact the party atmosphere. Likewise, speeches should sound well-rehearsed, and you should consider seating arrangements for the main course.

A Perfect Dress

It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks about the bridal dress. When you begin shopping, you may find a lot of people have opinions on what they think is best. Some relatives may advise sleeves while others recommend off-the-shoulder straps; a few friends may rave about mermaid dresses, but that may not be your style.

The wedding dress is for the bride; what matters most is that she finds one in which she looks and feels incredible. Don’t try to please everyone with the gown you purchase, especially if that means sacrificing things you want.

Wedding Speeches

Listening to several long speeches can get boring for guests, specifically when the speaker begins rambling. Typically, the couple, parents, maid of honor, and best man give speeches. During the week of the wedding, aim to have a trial run so you can see how everyone sounds before the big day.

Seating Arrangements

Planning where everyone will sit takes time, specifically if you want to please as many guests as possible. Keep in mind that seating arrangements only matter for the main course, and after that, guests can mingle with whomever they want. Although you should try to seat close relatives and friends at the same table, if you can’t do this for every guest, that’s okay.

Know What Matters to You

Remember that none of the information in this guide is a rule you must follow. Prioritize what’s most important so you can set aside the appropriate amount of time for each task.

You know your friends and family best, and the things your wedding guests don’t care about could depend on who you invite. What matters most is that you and your guests have an amazing time celebrating your newly formed union.

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