Flower Girls vs. Junior Bridesmaids: What Is the Difference?

Flower Girls vs. Junior Bridesmaids: What Is the Difference?

As you plan your wedding, you may realize you have a few young girls in your life who are dear to your heart but too young to fill the role of bridesmaid. Often, couples ask these individuals to be their flower girls or junior bridesmaids. But what is the difference between these roles? This bridal guide covers the top details about both positions to help make your wedding planning easier.  

Who Is the Flower Girl?

The flower girl is a traditional role that’s been around for years. However, as child-free weddings become more common, flower girls are sometimes optional. Typically, the couple selects a child close to them to fill this role; this can be their own little one, a cousin, a niece, or a family friend. As with the bridesmaids, the bride usually decides which dress the flower girl will wear. This dress is often white, although the bride is free to choose whichever color she prefers.

While a traditional flower girl tosses flower petals down the aisle before the bride debuts, you could have her carry anything you’d like—or nothing at all. Some couples even have the flower girl walk their fur baby down the aisle!

Ideal Age Range

There is no age requirement for this role, but most of the time, flower girls are between 4 and 10 years old. The young age is partially due to the reasoning behind this wedding tradition, as the flower girl symbolizes a prospering new family and the future children of the couple.

Flower Girl Proposal Ideas

Proposing to your flower girl should be as fun and exciting as doing so for your bridesmaids. First, call the parents or guardians to privately ask if their child can be your flower girl. Notify them that they will be responsible for purchasing her dress and bringing her to the rehearsal. Also, let them know that she may need to have her hair professionally done for the wedding.

If you get approval, then you can set a date to ask the big question. Consider making this a smaller gathering with you, your partner, the child, and their parents or guardians. There are all sorts of cute ways to ask your flower girl to be in your wedding; for example, you can present her with a stuffed animal dressed as a bride.

Who’s a Junior Bridesmaid?

A junior bridesmaid is almost a bridesmaid, but they’re not quite old enough to fulfill all the duties. Similar to a flower girl, this position often goes to a child of the couple, a sibling, a cousin, or a family friend. But unlike flower girls, junior bridesmaids are not a traditional role.

Often, a junior bridesmaid wears the same or a similar dress to the other bridesmaids. Keep in mind that this can vary depending on what’s the most age appropriate. If the bridesmaids’ dresses are a bit more mature, have her wear a dress that’s similar yet suitable—you can check the juniors or young women’s section at the shop.

Typical Age Range

No minimum age is required for someone to become a junior bridesmaid since every couple writes the rules for their own wedding. Most junior bridesmaids are between 9 and 15 years old.

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

As you would with a flower girl, be sure to get a parent’s or guardian’s permission before asking the young lady to be a junior bridesmaid. Remember that being in a wedding can get expensive, and some junior bridesmaids get their hair and makeup professionally done just like the rest of the bridal party, adding to the final cost.

After getting approval, you can pop the question. Consider asking her to be your junior bridesmaid by giving her a piece of personalized jewelry or a canvas tote with a few goodies packed inside.

Where Do They Sit?

Organizing your reception seating chart is important. As you put it together, you may not know where to place your flower girl or junior bridesmaid. What you decide will likely depend on a few factors, primarily their age and comfort levels. Young children, especially toddlers and infants, should be seated beside their parents or guardians.

Likewise, if your junior bridesmaid is younger or doesn’t know anyone else in the wedding party, having her sit with her parents during the reception will ensure she feels comfortable. The entire wedding party can gather on the dance floor after eating to celebrate together.

A Final Note: It’s Your Choice

There are a few notable differences between flower girls and junior bridesmaids. By understanding each role, you can confidently decide on the titles to give the young girls in your wedding.

Ultimately, this is your wedding and you have the final say in which roles you’d like to propose to loved ones—with permission, of course! Your flower girl can be any age; what’s most important is that the duties you assign are appropriate for their age. Plan your perfect wedding with the inclusion of a flower girl or junior bridesmaid.

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