5 Things To Know When Selecting a Wedding Officiant

5 Things To Know When Selecting a Wedding Officiant

Hiring the perfect wedding officiant for you and your partner is exciting and a pivotal moment in the wedding planning process. Your officiant is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, so it’s essential to find an authentic and experienced fit to help bring your wedding together. Here are five things you should consider when selecting a wedding officiant.

Religious or Secular Ceremony?

It’s important to determine whether you’re having a religious or secular ceremony. If you’re having a religious ceremony, you should consider a religious officiant or a spiritual leader like a priest, pastor, or rabbi. Not only will they align with your beliefs, but they’ll also be able to give you the ceremony you and your partner desire.

If you’re having a secular ceremony, consider a private officiant or even a close friend (who’s been ordained) to officiate the wedding. This way, there will be no specific expectations on the officiant’s end. Some religious officiants may also not officiate a wedding if it does not align with their beliefs, so laying out your expectations is important and necessary in the selection process.

If the Officiant Is Experienced

It’s essential to ask your officiant about their experiences. How long have they been officiating weddings? What are their reviews? Are they often referred to for weddings? Are they popular in their area? Asking these questions or researching them online is great for transparency and ensuring you get a ceremony experience you won’t forget.

If the Officiant Matches Your Style

Are you seeking a more light-hearted wedding or a serious one? Do you want an officiant who knows how to make the crowd laugh or an officiant who is more soft-spoken? Finding an officiant who aligns with this style is another great factor to consider when selecting a wedding officiant.

You’ll have the ceremony you and your partner want, which will be the most memorable and significant portion of the wedding. So it’s essential that you find an officiant that aligns with your wedding style.

What Their Beliefs Are

Knowing your officiant’s beliefs isn’t generally necessary if you’re having a secular ceremony. However, you may want to consider their beliefs if you’re having a religious ceremony. It’s important that your religious beliefs align as this will determine the ceremony’s rituals, practices, and sermons.

Be intentional about choosing your officiant and interview them to learn more about their beliefs and insights to see if they’re the right fit for your ceremony.

Does the Officiant Have Great Public Speaking Skills?

You should be sure to choose an officiant who has great public speaking skills. Whether you’re hiring a religious leader, a private officiant, or a friend, it’s important to know what kind of background they have. Whether it be in public speaking, interpersonal skills, or their ability to be relatable, having an officiant who has or lacks these skills may make or break your wedding.

Public speaking requires presence, charm, authority, charisma, and confidence. You should be searching for these important qualities when searching for your officiant.

Overall, finding an officiant can feel overwhelming. Take your time researching, interviewing, and asking around your community to see who receives the most referrals. This decision is a major one, so consider all your options and be patient with the process. You can simplify your search by using free wedding apps and searching for the best officiants in your area.

Don’t forget to write down all your questions and expectations and outline them during your meetings. This will help you ultimately narrow down your search and determine who is your best fit.

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July 31, 2022

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