5 Reasons To Avoid Hosting a Holiday Weekend Wedding

5 Reasons To Avoid Hosting a Holiday Weekend Wedding

Every couple has a perfect day for their wedding. For some, that’s the holidays. Getting married on a long weekend can feel like a mini vacation. However, there are several reasons to avoid hosting a holiday weekend wedding. Check out the information below to find out why you should reconsider the thought of getting married on a long weekend.

It’s Not a Budget Saver

Some couples may assume that getting married on a holiday weekend can help them save a bit of cash, specifically if they choose a Friday or Sunday for the ceremony, depending on when the holiday is. However, this doesn’t always mean it’ll be cheaper than a normal weekend wedding. Some hotels and airlines charge more money if you decide to travel on a holiday weekend. Likewise, your venue and vendors may charge the same price they would for a Saturday wedding.

Lower Guest Attendance

Many couples opt for weekend weddings because people are freer, and when planning a weekend wedding that falls on a holiday, there are a few extra things to consider. That includes guest attendance.

Over the holidays, many of us like to make plans with family or spend that extra time relaxing; some people even plan weekend vacations. So when you decide to have your wedding on a holiday weekend, fewer guests may show up. Plus, some people don’t get the same holidays off, depending on the company the individual works for. If guest attendance is a priority, it’s better to choose a weekend when everyone can make it.

It’s Not Completely Your Day

You may not mind sharing your anniversary with a holiday if it’s on your favorite day or one that’s important to you and your partner. However, if you’re choosing a holiday simply because of the long weekend, you may want to think twice. We all celebrate different holidays, and some guests may find that special day important, not just because of your wedding.

Some Are More Competitive

Another reason you should avoid having a holiday wedding is that booking the day you want can be harder. This depends on the holiday, but some are more popular, which means increased competition for your dream venue and vendors. Typically, the most popular holidays for long weekends include:

  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Eve/Day
  • New Year’s Eve/Day

Deciding to have your wedding on these highly desired days can make planning the wedding a bit more difficult since these are more popular for their time of year. Not only that, but vendors and certain venues may not be open on your chosen day, which makes your scope even more narrow.

Bridal Tip

In addition to being more competitive, these holidays are essential to most individuals, and your guests may prefer to spend them relaxing with family. This doesn’t make your wedding any less important. If you pick a holiday, think about how you’d feel as a guest at that wedding before deciding on it.

There Are More Crowds

Nothing beats the beauty of a beach wedding on a nice summer day, except for the tourists you share the scene with. Public venues are ideal for some couples, but if you get married on a holiday, remember that you’re not the only one on vacation. You may encounter more crowds or see an increase in traffic, which can make it harder for guests to arrive at the ceremony on time.

Remember What Matters

Every couple wants to pick the perfect day for their wedding, and a specific holiday may hold a particular spot in your relationship. However, getting married on a holiday means celebrating your anniversary that day, which can get complicated over the years. Pick a day that allows everyone important to you to show up and enjoy themselves; maybe it’s the week after or before the holiday.

If you’ve set your heart on a holiday wedding, remember to give your guests enough time and make accommodations wherever necessary. And most importantly, remember to have a blast celebrating your love.

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August 6, 2022

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