First Wedding Dance: 9 Tips To Make It Unforgettable

First Wedding Dance: 9 Tips To Make It Unforgettable

Your wedding’s first dance should be like a fairy-tale dream. It’s a symbolic moment where you and your partner dance as an officially married couple. It’s emotional, photogenic, and sometimes nerve-racking—but that’s normal. If you’re feeling awkward about your first dance or nervous about your two left feet and not having any rhythm, you’re not alone.

Most wedding-planning couples feel nervous about their first dances, but that’s why we’re here to help. Here are nine tips to make your first wedding dance unforgettable.

Find the Perfect Song

Your first wedding dance song makes your first dance unforgettable. Choose a song that speaks to you and your partner, like one that describes your love for each other or holds a precious memory. Although finding the perfect first dance song can be challenging, you can simplify it by asking yourself these questions:

  • Will the guests relate to the song?
  • Are there long interludes that can get awkward?
  • Any raunchy or explicit lyrics?
  • Is this song a popular wedding song?

Keep It Short and Sweet

Have you ever been to a formal event that was drawn out and long? You don’t want your guests to feel left out and bored during your wedding. Everyone, including the guests, should be having a good time—not just you, your partner, and the bridal party. Keep your first dance short and sweet so the rest of the party can begin.

Take Dance Lessons (If You Need To)

Taking an online dance course or hiring a wedding dance instructor may help you and your partner feel more comfortable with the basics of ballroom dancing. This will help with your confidence, and you will also have the skill to improvise if you mess up a step.

Now, you don’t have to learn a Dancing With the Stars-level routine, but with a few basic ballroom skills, you will look like a professional.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Comfort is key when it comes to your wedding reception. Being comfortable is the main priority for everything from your first dance to socializing around the venue. Set yourself up for success by choosing shoes that allow you to move without pain or pressure. If that means you must change from heels to flats, so be it! Don’t punish yourself with blisters and sore toes.

Remember To Have Fun

Your wedding day can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re being pulled in every direction. From socializing with your guests to memorizing the steps in the first dance, it can become all too much. But don’t stress yourself out.

Some things don’t go according to plan, and that’s okay. So what if you trip? Who cares? It’s your wedding day. Everyone there loves you and your partner and will support and celebrate you.

Some Alternative Choices

The traditional first dance isn’t for everyone. If you don’t want to do one, don’t sweat it! Here are some alternative options that you and your guests will never forget.

Host a Dance Party

We all know one couple who loves a good party and knows how to host one. If that’s you and your partner, host the ultimate dance party. Say goodbye to a traditional first dance and call everyone to the dance floor instead. Play upbeat and fun songs to get everyone out of their seats and dancing. This will help everyone feel included in the wedding festivities.

Have a Champagne Toast Instead

We get it. Not everyone’s a dancer or wants the attention on them for long. So instead of having a first dance, you can opt for a champagne toast. Prepare a short and sweet speech that thanks everyone for celebrating you and your love. This way, your guests have more time to party and participate in any games or activities at the reception.

Organize a Flash Mob

Instead of a classic first dance, invite your bridal party and some guests to a flash mob. Whether professionally choreographed or put together by you and your friends, this fun routine will help take the pressure off you and your partner. Allow your friends to show off their moves and amuse the audience. This is a great way to get all your guests engaged and talking for hours.

Choreograph a Dance With Your Partner

Your first dance with your partner doesn’t have to be a slow waltz. Bust out your greatest dance moves and showcase them in front of your guests. Watching you and your partner dance to your favorite upbeat hits will be an unforgettable experience for them. Whether you’re working it to Missy Elliot or performing a compilation of your favorite musical numbers, your first wedding dance will be memorable.

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