Finding the Right Glam Squad for Your Wedding Day

Finding the Right Glam Squad for Your Wedding Day

As you scroll through bridal hair and makeup websites, the number one mistake you could make is hiring your glam squad too quickly. As a makeup artist myself, I like to make sure that I am on the same page as my brides, both in terms of comfort and style.

Taking your time and carefully choosing your glam team will make your wedding day more stress-free and enjoyable. But how do you know when a stylist is the right fit for your wedding? Let this checklist simplify your vendor-finding journey.

Look at Pictures, but More Importantly, Read Reviews

Pictures are perfect for piquing your interest as you browse different bridal hair and makeup websites. These images speak to your style or what you think your style may be. You should save, pin, or screenshot your favorite pictures and have them ready to share during meetings with your bridal hair and makeup artists.

More importantly, read hair and makeup artists’ reviews. In these reviews, real brides give personal feedback on their experiences. Studying these stories will answer some of your questions before you meet with an artist. It’s like a giant cheat sheet for a difficult test. And girlfriend, you’re going to ace this one!

Whatever You Do, Do Not Forgo the Makeup Trial

Hair and makeup trials are some of the most important parts of planning your wedding hair and makeup. Your trial is when you get comfortable with your artist and stylist. During these sessions, you can explain what wedding styles are a must-have and which ones you prefer to avoid. Bring pictures of looks you love and looks that make you cringe.

If you want a natural makeup look, make sure you feel confident when you leave your trial. If you leave in tears, that’s not your future makeup artist. If you hit it off with your makeup artist right away, you’ll feel more confident and are more likely to be honest about any changes you’d like to make on the day of your wedding.

The process of getting ready on your wedding day should be fun. Make sure your stylist and artist are a glam squad you want in the room on your big day. No one likes a fun sponge.

Choose an Organized Makeup Artist With a Schedule

When your bridal party, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom, and Aunt Sally are all hoping to receive a glam treatment on your wedding day, coordinating this schedule can be overwhelming. That is why you must hire a stylist that can make an organized wedding day schedule for each of your family members.

For example, if your Aunt Sally is chronically late, you can plan ahead and tell her she has an appointment at 10:00, even though it’s secretly at 10:30. This will make your glam process more fun. The wedding day schedule will be easier to follow. And everyone will be on time (I’m looking at you, Aunt Sally).

Don’t Feel Pressured To Sign a Contract Until You Are Ready

Many vendors want to get your signature to block wedding dates on their calendars. However, remember that this is your day. It’s okay to shop around.

Also, make sure to talk to your hair and makeup candidates on the phone rather than just by email. There is comfort in a conversation. Most vendors have a wealth of knowledge in the wedding industry. They can guide you to other vendors that you may be having a hard time finding. They can also ease your nerves through a simple conversation. I may be dating myself here, but there’s nothing like an old-school phone call.

Although this checklist may seem small, it could save you big time. Feeling comfortable and confident in your choice of vendors—in this case, your glam squad—helps make the entire process fun and stress-free.

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January 4, 2022

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