Everything You Should Know About a Groom’s Cake

Everything You Should Know About a Groom’s Cake

When it comes to wedding cake, many think of a single one chosen by the couple after hours of tasting at a bakery. However, some weddings include two cakes: one for the bride and one for the groom. While having this is totally optional, it’s a great way for the bride and groom to add a bit of personalization to the dessert. Read on to learn everything you should know about a groom’s cake. 

Defining the Groom’s Cake

A groom’s cake is exactly what it sounds like—a cake chosen by the groom. This tradition started in the Victorian era, and the cake was the bride’s gift to the man she married. How romantic! Although it’s tradition for the bride to choose the flavor and design, both should revolve around what the special man likes the most. Some interesting things about the groom’s cake are that:

  • It gives the groom something special
  • It can be a surprise
  • Serving one is optional

Back in the day, the couple would give out slices of this cake as a wedding favor to thank guests for coming, but the same isn’t true today. Usually, the couple will serve their groom’s cake either at the rehearsal dinner or alongside other desserts at the reception.

Everything You Should Know About a Groom’s Cake

It Makes Him Special Too

Although the wedding is about the bride and groom, most people focus more on the bride. Guests gravitate toward her because of the beautiful dress, expertly done hair and makeup, and that special glow. Sometimes, all that attention can outshine the groom, but when he has his own cake, he’ll know the attention is on him too.

Wedding Dessert Tip

The groom’s cake is one wedding detail he has complete control over, just like the bride controls hers. Both of you have to work together on every detail of the wedding except for this element. Truly symbolize your union by showing a bit of yourself through the bride and groom cakes, plus what you’ve done together.

Sometimes, It’s a Surprise

Often, the bride and groom give one another gifts the day they tie the knot. A groom’s cake can be the icing on top of the perfect present—literally. If you want to surprise your husband-to-be, plan time to visit a bakery to order his favorite flavor of the cake. Go the extra mile and decide on a design that centers around his interests!

You Don’t Have To Serve One

Every wedding doesn’t include a groom’s cake; some people have never heard of it. Some couples only serve the cake on their big day while others prefer cake alternatives for their wedding. It’s your day, and what you do depends on what you like. Consider having a variety of sweet treats, especially if one of you prefers another dessert while the other (the groom) loves cake.

Wedding Dessert Tip

If you’d prefer to serve an alternative like cupcakes, you can still have a bride and groom option. Do a few tastings so that both of you can decide on the flavor you like most for extra-special wedding cupcakes.

What Flavor Is the Cake?

On this exploration of everything you should know about a groom’s cake, it’s time to dive into one of the most important parts—flavor! What does it taste like? Does the cake have to be a specific flavor?

According to history, the first cakes included fruit, liqueur, and chocolate. Of course, modern groom’s cakes are whichever flavor he likes the most, whether that’s traditional yellow cake, carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter cake, red velvet, or any other delightful flavor.

You can also add different fillings and the frosting of his choice for the ideal blend of tastes. By having a bride and groom’s cake, you can offer more variety in flavors to your guests. More cake means more variety for everyone. And who doesn’t love wedding cake?

Deciding on Flavors

Although some may love a dense chocolate cake topped with cream cheese icing, others may prefer white cake with vanilla frosting. Others prefer white cake with a lemon meringue filling topped with fluffy cream cheese or strawberry frosting. If you’re a bride hoping to surprise your soon-to-be husband, see if one of his parents, siblings, or groomsmen could join you for cake tasting to decide what your partner would like most.

Everything You Should Know About a Groom’s Cake

There Are No Design Requirements

Wedding cake, in general, has no requirements on how it has to look. You could serve a multi-tier cake with white icing and edible glitter so that it shimmers under the lights. Or you could have a superhero-themed cake. There are no rules, and the same is true for the groom’s cake. For example, you could choose a design centered around:

  • Sports: Ball-shaped cakes or design them with team colors
  • Travel: Suitcase-shaped cakes or travel-centric designs
  • Favorite food: Burger-shaped cakes, candy cakes, and more
  • Interests: Book-shaped or instrument-shaped cakes and more

The only “rule” here is that it’s something he’ll love. If you need help thinking up the perfect cake for your sweetheart, reach out to his friends or family for extra inspiration.

If you work with a great baker, no design is too challenging for them to tackle. Search out bakeries online and read reviews; see if they have an online portfolio of past cakes. This gives you an idea of their quality level plus what they’re capable of doing.

Serving the Groom’s Cake

The time you serve the groom’s cake depends on a few factors. First, how many guests do you expect at the wedding? If it’s a small and intimate affair, guests may not eat the bride and groom’s cakes, but delicious treats deserve equal attention. In this instance, wedding pros recommend serving the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner so guests can truly enjoy both cake options.

On the other hand, if you expect to have a lot of guests at your wedding, serve the bride and groom cake at the reception. Both should have their cake stands and lights to give them equal attention.

Serving It at the Rehearsal

There’s a lot to note about etiquette rules for the rehearsal dinner; traditionally, the groom’s parents host this event. By serving his cake at this wedding-centric event, you ensure it gets all the special attention it deserves.

Fitting It Into the Cake Cutting

The cake cutting is a traditional part of the wedding that some couples still honor today. So how does the groom’s cake fit into this? One way to make the groom’s cake part of this tradition is by having the bride cut his cake to serve her husband and for him to do the same for her with the bride’s cake.

Wedding Dessert Tip

Before making any cuts into a cake, make sure all the VIPs—the wedding party, parents, and other close friends or relatives—are in the room. No one wants to miss this special moment, especially not those closest to you.

Everything You Should Know About a Groom’s Cake

Be Flexible and Get Creative

The groom’s cake doesn’t have to fit into the theme of the wedding. This is a special treat, and what’s most important is it reflects his interests. Sometimes, that means having a car-shaped cake at your elegant affair. What matters most is that both of you have a tasty treat and feel special on such a romantic day. After all, this is the beginning of a new chapter in the life you’ll share.

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