Engagement Photography: 5 Smart Ways To Save

Engagement Photography: 5 Smart Ways To Save

When it comes to wedding or engagement photography, you should always invest in a quality photographer. Finding someone you can trust to meet your needs and adequately capture your vision is essential. However, there are still plenty of smart ways to save on your engagement photos. We’ve organized a compelling list of ways to help you stay on budget when planning your photo shoot.

Book a Photographer Who Offers Complimentary Engagement Sessions

Typically, photographers will include complimentary engagement sessions as a part of a tiered package when offering rates for your wedding day. This is because engagement sessions are usually done for free as a part of the highest package offering. If you have a preferred photographer in mind, it would be wise to inquire and invest in their highest package offerings.

A complimentary session is beneficial because you’ll be able to build rapport with your photographer while also getting comfortable with their shooting style and personality. It also offers you and your partner a brief glimpse into how your photographer will capture your special day.

Book an In-Studio Shoot

In-studio shoots are another great way to save money on your engagement photos. Booking an outdoor shoot may accrue additional costs, especially if you account for your photographer’s travel fees. Studio shoots offer a more private and intimate way to capture the love between you and your partner. In-studio shoots may even provide more versatility with props, different backdrops, lighting styles, and creative edits.

Hire Someone Local

Hiring a local photographer is another clever way to save money on your engagement photos. Staying local saves you extra money on fees as well as travel and lodging accommodations. While there are many talented photographers you may like in other cities, you can also find great talent in your local area using resources like The Knot’s photographer search tool. Using these research tools allows you to narrow down talent in your area while sticking to your budget.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep it short and sweet if you still want to do a scenic outdoor shoot. Choose packages with less shooting time (the difference between three hours and one hour). This will make a monetary difference since more time is more money.

Instead of booking a package that allows you four outfit changes, select one that offers two or fewer. This way, you can save money and time spent during the shoot. Photographers may charge overtime fees, so the more outfit changes, the higher the risk of running up overtime.

Come into the session with poses in mind, trust your photographer’s direction, and wear something you feel confident in. You and your partner can coordinate outfits to bring cohesion to the shoot.

DIY Your Photo Shoot

You should consider DIYing your engagement photo shoot if you’re on a strict budget. Use a self-timer, a tripod, and a camera (even your iPhone on portrait mode) and find a scenic or charming shooting location. You can use inspiration from Pinterest for your poses and shoot in well-lit areas or when the sun is out. Bring a friend to help direct, capture, or style the shoot with DIY props for extra support. The beach is an easy and scenic location to capture your dreamy DIY engagement photos.

Simple props like champagne, a picnic, or even your pet are great ways to add personality and depth to your pictures. Even if you don’t have a photographer capture the photos, you can always pay one to edit them.

You shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of your photos for the sake of your budget. Be sure to use these helpful tips when planning the engagement shoot of your dreams.

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June 16, 2022

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