Eight Must-Have Bridal Accessories for a Winter Wedding

Eight Must-Have Bridal Accessories for a Winter Wedding

It’s not hard to “think white” in the winter, but when it comes to finding the perfect winter wedding accessories for your dress, the process is made even easier by the myriad of choices brides have these days.

First, on behalf of all of us at The Wish Pearl, we extend our deepest congratulations. Every time we write about weddings, and brides, in particular, we try to envision ourselves as if we’re with you on your special day.

You should know that we are a bit old-fashioned here at The Wish Pearl. We believe that a lot of your decisions depend on whether you are getting married in a church, banquet hall, restaurant, or another venue. The following is a list of accessories you could consider for your big day:


Presuming your dress is white or coordinated with white accessories, we have discovered a current trend among winter brides who lean toward waterproof or extra-warm boots. This is especially popular among brides who like the idea of getting married outdoors, regardless of winter weather. Don’t be afraid to wear socks over your white hosiery. But, if you change into “regular” shoes for dancing, just remember to take off the socks!


Another possible accessory for you (and your bridesmaids and mom) is an umbrella. Winter weather can be fickle, and an umbrella will become your best friend in the event of a sudden snowstorm. You never know when an umbrella may become necessary to protect you from the elements.

Your “Something Blue”

You can wear a shawl or, in lieu of a traditional veil, you could wear a hat. We have seen some bridal hats with brims, without veils, and without brims. We also have seen bridal hats worn throughout the ceremony, particularly if it is outside. Brides can also utilize color with their shawls or bridal hats. You can even bring an umbrella that matches your bridesmaid’s blue dresses. There is your “something blue!”

Dress Up Your Head

Our next focus is hair ornamentation, or hat decoration, if you will. Whether you have a white hat or a colored hat, you can add almost any piece of jewelry to it. We have different colored gemstones and beautiful and affordable cubic zirconia pieces. A long headscarf can cover a beautiful hairstyle as well.

Warm Accessories

Whether they’re just for the ceremony or otherwise, earmuffs can be fun and warm accessories for your bridal party. You can also make lap blankets available to your wedding guests.


Then there are the actual hairpieces a bride could use, decorated with seed pearls and more. These are an extra detail to add to your hair ornamentation. Not every bride wants a veil (or a hat!).


Earrings are a must. There is no valid excuse not to wear earrings as they are available in clip-on or pierced styles. Long or short, simple or elegant, wear them!

Tradition, Your Way

Consider sticking to traditional accessories, whether old or new. For example, brides can use multiple necklaces as bracelets and mix and match different jewelry. These days, there is quite a range for brides to create an individual style and stay on budget.

And lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments. When you’re ready to treat yourself, visit The Wish Pearl to find the perfect treasure.

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Carol Koussaya

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January 24, 2022

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