8 Creative Ideas To Help You Save for Your Wedding

8 Creative Ideas To Help You Save for Your Wedding

It is no surprise that getting married will cost you a pretty penny or rather a couple of thousand dollars. Sometimes, making this dream come true means getting a side gig so that you have the extra cash you need. But what types of jobs would be best? After all, planning a wedding takes a lot of time, and juggling several jobs on top of that can create a lot of stress. So check out these creative ideas to help you save for your wedding! These side gigs are ways to make money so you can make your romantic affair as perfect as possible.

Why Side Gigs Help

When you consider the many costs of a weddingincluding venue, food, entertainment, and more, it often adds up to $20,000 to $30,000! Rather than cut costs, you could begin a side hustle to help cover the many costs of your dream wedding. Of course, taking on another job means saying goodbye to some free time. Keeping your new job aligned with your interests will make it feel less like a job and more like a hobby that pays! Some great ideas for you to consider include:

  • Sell handmade items on Etsy
  • Begin dog walking or pet sitting
  • Start blogging and earn ad revenue
  • Take up freelancing jobs
  • Start babysitting
  • Declutter to sell belongings
  • Create a cleaning business
  • Take online surveys

As you decide what to do, think about the pros and cons of each option. Also, consider what you have the most interest in. For instance, pet sitting is a fun way to rake in money if you love dogs.

8 Creative Ideas To Help You Save for Your Wedding

Open an Etsy Shop

If you love crafting or are skilled in a specific type of art, you could make a profit at it. Many create items like jewelry, knit scarves, hand-sewn clothes, ceramics, etc., and sell them on Etsy. This option is great for a few reasons. First, you get to set your prices. You’ll also get to do something you love—it may even be a current hobby! Finally, you’re not on the clock and can establish your schedule based on what works for you.

Crafty Tip

When running an Etsy shop, remember that you should get the product to customers promptly; you don’t want people waiting for months. If you need a break to focus on your wedding, type out a notice for your shop. This informs customers you’re on hiatus and helps you build a loyal market.

Take Care of Fur Babies

Do you love animals? Make a profit caring for and walking other people’s fur babies while also interacting with some adorable animals. Dog walking and pet sitting are fun, and you can set your prices plus a range of services. Best yet, the typical annual salary for dog walkers is around $20,000, which can cover most costs for most weddings.

Thanks to apps and other technology, starting a pet care business is a lot easier now than it was years ago. Phone apps like Rover allow you to create a profile and search out customers using the app. If you find you love this gig, you can also make a website to list your credentials plus experience to continue pulling in customers.

Tips To Go About It: Download Rover

Many pet sitters and dog lovers use Rover because you can handle everything from pet pickups to walk times through the app. Other perks include:

  • Setting your service area
  • Creating a work schedule
  • Setting your price

Rover also allows for easy communication between you and pet owners via DMs through the app; you won’t have to exchange numbers.

Another incredible perk is that when setting your price, you can also note what you charge based on the number of pets, holidays, age, and more. This is great because watching a curious, hyper puppy can be completely different from pet sitting a relaxed senior dog. Also, Rover allows you to pay via PayPal and tracks the money you make, so budgeting remains simple.

8 Creative Ideas To Help You Save for Your Wedding

Start Blogging

Thanks to social media, people can now make money posting makeup tutorials, providing cooking tips, or posting photos as they travel the world. Your options are virtually endless! You could even write about your prenuptial journey and provide others with information on relieving prewedding stress, how-to DIY decorations, and how to plan a wedding on a budget!

Keep in mind that this side gig takes a lot of hard work and consistency, so you may want to start once you get engaged. As you build your readership, advertisers will pay to place ads on your site, which gives you some spare cash.

Blogging Tip

After deciding on an area of interest, think of posts that would be universal so that any reader can easily relate to your content. So if you write about travel and post photos, include information about the area. Additionally, reach out to friends and family and ask them to share your blog with others to build a readership faster.

Take Up Freelancing

Another creative idea to help you save for your wedding is to take up freelancing. As a freelancer, you’ll have a lot of options available to you. Common examples include:

  • Writing/editing
  • Photography/videographer
  • Translating
  • Web design
  • Accounting
  • Coding

You can freelance any office or skill-based career, and websites like Upwork help you find available jobs to build a portfolio. As you do this, remember to set your charge rates based on the project size. If you expect the task to take several days or longer, consider charging a down payment so that you don’t have to worry about them skipping out on the bill.

Start Babysitting

Every parent needs a babysitter at some point, and with websites like Care.com, you can find these customers. Taking care of kids can be fun and rewarding. And as a bonus, this helps you master a few skills if you plan to have your own children.

Before accepting any jobs, consider whether there’s an age you’d prefer watching and what you are comfortable with. Some kids are in extracurricular activities, and their parents may need you to drive them and pick them up from each.

Declutter and Sell Belongings

Go through your home, garage, or closet and sort through old belongings to decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. If you and your partner don’t live together yet, this is a great way to declutter before moving. On the other hand, if you live together, you can still go through things to make room for all those wedding gifts you’ll receive from friends and family. Once you have a pile of gently used belongings, sell them on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

8 Creative Ideas To Help You Save for Your Wedding

Start a Cleaning Business

Many of us live fast-paced lives and don’t have time to clean; others simply resent the idea of cleaning. Take advantage of this and clean other people’s houses for them. Many charge around $25 per hour—depending on the area and the task—and that money adds up fast!

Do Online Surveys

At first glance, this may sound odd, but some companies will pay you to take surveys regarding all sorts of things. They may ask about your taste in music, where you like to eat, or other items. Filling these out won’t take too long, and in exchange, you’ll get cash or gift cards as a thank you for investing your time into the study.

Combine Your Options

If you can’t decide on one side job or worry your chosen option won’t make you enough money, combine a few options. For example, create a blog and sell off old belongings or pet sit as you build your readership. By utilizing various options, you’ll make more money and can later decide on which one you’ll stick with. Pick something that piques your interest so you can enjoy yourself while also making spare cash for your wedding day!

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